Case Study: Tilting Point’s soft launch influencer marketing campaign

Posted 2017-04-05

The campaign overperformed all expectations in CTR, CVR, and general download velocity. Installs were equal in quality to organic installs.

Kyle Keller, Influencer Marketing @ Tilting Point
Siege: Titan Wars

Game: Siege: Titan Wars
A real-time strategy game by Tilting Point.

Campaign objectives:
Measure the potential impact of influencer marketing for Siege: Titan Wars ahead of its global launch.
Conducting an influencer marketing campaign while still in soft launch would help
determine how much to budget for influencer marketing during global launch.

To ensure the audience would be able to install the soft launch game, the campaign was limited to Turkish influencers. Influencers in English-speaking countries were considered but excluded due to their global reach.

Our algorithm found 10+ matching
YouTubers from Turkey, from which the best matching ones were picked to stay
within budget. In addition to our content matching algorithm, audience analysis with geographic
targeting was used.

Campaign results exceeded Tilting Point’s expectations for all main metrics, justifying a higher
budget in the global launch campaign. The quality of users was as good or better than organic installs.
The game rose in App Store rankings from #1224 to #192 during the campaign. Each attributed install generated 2.45 additional organic installs.

Click to Install ratio


Rise in App store ranking

1224 → 192

Organic uplift


Complaints about game not being available


Install chart

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