Case Study: Launching Craft Away! with JuegaGerman and 25 Million subscribers

Posted 2018-01-31

The Craft Away video we did with Matchmade and JuegaGerman brought us as many users as a day of premium App Store featuring with a fraction of the effort.

Camilo Fitzgerald, Marketing/Analytics @ Futureplay
Germán Garmendia
Craft Away!

Game: Craft Away!,
the world’s best incremental idle mining and crafting game by Futureplay. (Check out our earlier Build Away! case study too.)

Influencer: Germán Garmendia, one of the world’s biggest youtubers with his 25M subscriber gaming channel JuegaGerman.

Campaign objectives:
Drive a significant amount of high quality installs in a short period of time to climb up in store rankings for Craft Away’s launch.

Targeting and matching:
Based on good results from earlier campaigns, the campaign targeted relevant influencers from LATAM countries with high install forecasts. Matching was done by the Matchmade platform based on game content relevancy, fan engagement, and country filtering.

Influencer collaboration:
The campaign featured many influencers that performed strongly, but Germán stood out with a high volume of installs and a great quality of users. Futureplay ended up collaborating with Germán on a series of videos about their games.

Over 200k installs to Futureplay’s games (and counting). Craft Away became a top 10 trending game in several countries. A ridiculous boost in organic install rate.

Organic installs chart

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