Advertiser FAQ



Creator marketing is the act of hiring creators (like YouTubers or Instagram creators) to review or promote an advertiser’s company or product. Creators have a much bigger impact on intent-to-buy than “traditional” celebrities, which is why creator marketing is a rapidly growing marketing channel.

Matchmade is an end-to-end platform that uses sophisticated data-analysis to match your product with the most relevant creators based on who their audience are. For creators, we offer an easy way to find sponsored deals from products your audience will enjoy.

We send you email notifications when creators are interested in working with you or send you a direct message. No Spam.

We can base the search on your target audience as well. Think about what genre your game is. Can you find anything in the same genre? If not, try thinking about who your target audience is (gender, age, geo)!

Dedicated videos/streams are great for rich games with long sessions and a lot to explain – but average viewership tends to be lower than the channel’s average. Integrated videos/streams are great for more casual games, or simpler mechanics, but do work well for any title really. Integrated videos tend to have higher viewership.

No API or SDK integrations! We support 11 tracking companies, so all we need is a link to your current tracking partner. Let it be Kochava, Adjust or something else.

An agency will only recommend creators in their roster. With Matchmade you can see all creators that match your product and target audience. We can also provide services, if you don’t want to run campaigns yourself. Please email [email protected] for more information.

It’s up to you provide feedback / approve the video. If you need help with a specific video, please email [email protected]


Our data is pulled from the YouTube API.

The metrics are based on data from the YouTube API.

Estimated installs are based on estimated views multiplied by historic data on conversion rates.

You can see their subsribers by clicking on their channel, but subscribers isn’t the critical number to look at. We recommend average views, which tells how many of their subscirbers are actually watching the channel’s content.

If you can’t find an answer to a question in the FAQ, send us a message.