Give your product the audience that matters

We analyse all content on YouTube and Twitch to match your product with the best and most relevant influencers. Reach your ideal audience by trusting data, not just promises.


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Be efficient

No more endless hours browsing YouTube and Twitch

Our easy campaign creation tool finds the best and most relevant influencers based on your goals.

Intelligent algorithm

Every few minutes, we analyse over 3M YouTube channels and 260K Twitch streams to know exactly what the influencers talk about.

Content matching

Cross-referenced with over 20K products, our search tool finds the best and most relevant influencers for your product

Targeted reach

We recommend influencers based on your target audience. Select influencers who reach your ideal demos, geos and languages. 

Save time

Save hours from your work week by letting us monitor YouTube and Twitch for you.


One place to rule them all

Easily communicate with multiple influencers in one place.

Streamlined communication

Chat, send campaign briefs, provide feedback and more. All in one, nice place.

Automatic notifications

You’ll be the first to know when an influencer has questions, approves your campaign, submits a video or sends an offer. (Or a cat video.)


Invite multiple influencers to your campaigns, brief multiple content creators, and negotiate with many in just one go.

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Negotiate with ease

Know what you’re paying for

The Matchmade platform recommends campaign pricing based on channel data.

Recommended fees

We provide performance and cost estimates for each influencer. It’s up to you to invite whom you want to work with, and at what price.

You’re in charge

CPI, CPM, CPA, fixed fee – it’s up to you to negotiate with the influencers. Or have your dedicated Matchmade account manager do it for you.

Know what you’re paying for

We provide accurate performance estimates for each channel, so it’s easy for you to plan your spend.

Stay on track

Full transparency, data and analytics

View real-time campaign performance on our dashboard.

Real-time performance

See exactly how your campaign, influencers and videos are performing – and how much you’re spending at any given time.

3rd party data partners

Your friends are our friends! We support all major tracking providers; Appsflyer, Kochava and Adjust, just to name a few.

Advanced Analytics

We support all your data needs with our sophisticated Advanced Analytics toolset. We deliver monthly reports to your inbox.

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Logistics bliss

All influencer payments in one place

No monthly fees

You only pay for the campaigns you actually run. No extra fees.

One bill to pay them all

We handle all the payments and taxes with the influencers. Save those precious hours and focus on what you care about most.

Full service

We got you!

We also offer fully managed custom solutions if that’s what you’re into.

Customer support

We’re here for you 7 days a week to make sure your campaign goals are reached.


Once we know your goals, we can handle all the heavy lifting – from influencer search to deal negotiation, reporting and payments.

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Connect with influencers all over the world

If you want to run influencer marketing campaigns, Matchmade is for you. It really is that simple.

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