Scale your user acquisition with YouTubers worldwide

Matchmade is a creator marketing platform that helps you transform your influencer marketing from manual one-off collaborations to a scalable and automated user acquisition and brand growth channel. 


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Our approach

Matchmade is a creator marketing platform that helps you deliver scalable campaigns. We believe in spreading the risk across multiple creators, rather than depending on one person to make or break your campaign.

We all know that finding and negotiating with multiple creators can be time-consuming, so we’ve automated the process to make it as easy as possible. Scanning 9.2 million YouTubers, we find the most relevant fits for your brand. All you need to do is share your target audience and budget, and we’ll handle the rest.

We’ve been working with Matchmade for over a year and released over 30 videos promoting C.A.T.S.: Crash Arena Turbo Stars through the platform. It's a pleasure working with them, as they listen to our needs and are always open to suggestions. You can find a wide variety of content creators on Matchmade, ranging from very small to very big channels, and the manager is always there to help if we need something. We plan to continue our productive cooperation in the future.

Olga Antsiferova Senior PR & Marketing Manager, Zeptolab

Intelligent automation 🤖

Our tech-enabled solution identifies, reaches out, negotiates, reviews, and pays creators with minimal time and effort. Run campaigns on a mass scale without wasting time and resources on manual tasks.

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Work with creators of all sizes ⚖️

Work with both prominent and emerging creators. Don’t worry about hand-picking talent, let performance-backed data do it for you. As we don’t work with creators on an exclusive basis, we have one of the largest networks of talent on the market. It’s growing every day – so you’ll never run out of supply.

Unlock a new user acquisition channel 🔒

Diversify your acquisition channels and reduce budget concentration and dependability by adding a new channel that requires little maintenance. Our data-driven solution can help you improve your results with each iteration, leading to more predictable outcomes.

Achieve concrete results 📈

We measure by the number of views rather than how many (potentially fake) followers a creator has. They have real communities who resonate with their content. This converts into better engagement and conversion rates for your brand through quality creators who are aligned with your product.

How it works

We use a simple three-step process to help you reach scalable, continuous results:


Step 1: Test – We test the ground with a wide pool of creators through broad targeting. 

Step 2: Identify & scale– After identifying the targeting that has the most potential, we scale it at a higher volume  

Step 3: Repeat – We use continuous testing of audiences, creative parameters and more to improve performance further while scaling what works best on a monthly basis. 

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Game Socialpoint

237% ROI
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App Revolut

84K Engagements
UK Targeted country
8 Creators
2 Social platforms
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Game CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

20.88K Attributed Installs
56.19K Clicks
37% Conversion rate
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App Opera GX

239M+ Views
10+ Countries
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Strange Quest

Game Blastlands!

726.54K Total views
69K Total clicks
9.5% CTR
12.28% Engagement rate
(average engagement rate is between 5-10% for videos in LATAM)
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App Lingokids

10% Engagement rate
21% Conversion rate
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Game Build Away!

4.3M Subscribers
730K Total views
42K+ Total installs
110% Organic uplift
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