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App Lingokids

10% Engagement rate
21% Conversion rate
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App Opera GX

239M+ Views
10+ Countries
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Game CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

20.88K Attributed Installs
56.19K Clicks
37% Conversion rate
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App Revolut

84K Engagements
UK Targeted country
8 Creators
2 Social platforms
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High-volume, scalable and targeted influencer marketing

The future of influencer marketing is in high-volume campaigns, it’s lower in risk and improves performance and predictability. What we’ll need from you is your target audience, your budget and our product will handle the rest for you.

We’ll find content creators with the right audience to grow your game instantly. Our machine learning algorithm continually scan millions of channels on YouTube, Instagram and Twitch and our database is growing daily.

We know in real-time content creators’ niche, audience demographics, pricing and even what they’re talking about right now. In just one click we can match you with the perfect content creators to reach your goals.


977M videos
8.1M channels
13.2M streams

End-to-end solution managed by industry experts

Matchmade takes care of everything. Our experts maintain direct contact with your content creators, from first connection to executing deals, ensuring all your content is delivered as planned.

They’ll also offer personal data-backed strategies to optimise your results and help you make the best decisions for your campaign.

Easily track your real-time return on investment

Access all your campaign data and understand your results. Our completely transparent Advanced Analytics toolset shows your conversions, views and ROI at any given time all within a single dashboard.

You can also track your eCPM and eCPI at any stage to help you continually maximise your results – share your performance report to let your team know your success!

We support all major attribution partners and integrate seamlessly into your existing BI pipeline.

Whether you’re a newbie to influencer marketing or a seasoned pro. Our team of in-house experts have got you covered.


Managed service

Let our team of experts support your choices/decisions

A list of matched content creators further verified by our team

Review the videos and monitor the results in real time, once they go live



Our experts select the content creators that best suit your campaign

We handle the negotiations with the content creators so you save time

Get real-time results of the campaign