Matchmade Benchmark tells if YouTube works for you

Matchmade Benchmark is the perfect way to test if your product is YouTube-friendly. It lets you run a test with YouTube creators with minimal manual work to see if creator sponsorships engage your target audience.


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Work with a broad range of creators

When testing a new channel, it is important to discover who your product resonates with the best. With creators this means you should hire a broad range of creators of different sizes to reach a wide audience.

Don’t worry about hand-picking talent, our performance-backed data does it for you from our network of more than 15,000 creators.

Efficient testing with minimum manual work

Our tech-enabled solution identifies, reaches out, negotiates, reviews, and pays creators with minimal time and effort. This way you can quickly and efficiently find out if YouTube creators are the right medium for you – without manual work.

We support all the main MMPs and many more measurement solutions so you can track the performance based on your own success metrics.

Working with Matchmade has enabled us to discover a new, cost-effective user acquisition channel that scales with minimal manual work required from our team. This would not have been possible without their platform.

Patrick User Growth Lead, Yahaha Studios

How it works

Step 1: We work together on a creative brief that highlights your unique selling points and provides creators with your brand assets.

Step 2: Matchmade hires a broad range of creators from our network of more than 15,000 YouTubers.

Step 3: We see how your campaign performs and compare it to our benchmark advertiser data such as engagement rates and creator acceptance rates to establish if YouTube is right for you.

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