10 Celebrities With Successful YouTube Channels

After witnessing Jack Black’s YouTube channel rack up 1 million subscribers in just 1 week, it has become our mission to find out which other mainstream celebrities have also been living a double life as a content creator.

Since many of us additionally wonder whether these mainstream A-listers are as consistent with content production as other popular YouTubers, we narrowed down our search to only celebrities with active channels on the platform today.

To our surprise, we found 9 other big time Hollywood stars who have been actively producing and uploading content. We first ranked them according to the number of subscribers they have, and looked into the total number of views they have gained since launch. We then assessed the average viewership of these channels as views, in general, have more value than follower count for content creators.

The data is brought to you by Matchmade, the intelligent influencer marketing platform. Every few minutes, we analyze all gaming-related channels and videos on YouTube and Twitch. That’s over 3.8 million channels, 371 million videos on YouTube, 15 million streams on Twitch, and 26 000 games.

Data disclaimer: the subscriber count for each channel below is based on publicly available numbers on YouTube.


Gordon Ramsay (GordonRamsay)

Subscriber Count: 8.2M
Total Viewership: 6.5M
Average Viewership: 111K

Infamous for his fiery temper and insults in the kitchen, this multi-Michelin-Star Chef has ventured into YouTube and made his mark on YouTube starting from September 2013 . His channel offers a variety of content, ranging from teaching his daughter, Matilda, how to make dumplings to clips from his television series, Kitchen Nightmares (that also has a YouTube channel).


Will Smith (Will Smith)

Subscriber Count: 4.4M
Total Viewership: 171M
Average Viewership: 3.4M

It has been over a year (December 2017) since the Prince of Bel Air found his new passion for creating content and connecting with his fans on this content platform. Crushing his YouTube game, he has been filming travel vlogs, promoting his movies, challenging Liza Koshy to hydrofoil surf, and even documenting his bungee jump out of a helicopter flying across the Grand Canyon. Not only did he appear in YouTube Rewind 2018, but he was even the one who introduced this annual video.


Shay Mitchell (ShayMitchellOfficial)

Subscriber Count: 3.6M
Total Viewership: 143M
Average Viewership: 732K

She is best known for her role in the television series, Pretty Little Liars. Her fan base has increased even more since the psychological thriller television series, You, has been released on Netflix earlier this year. In terms of her YouTube channel, she made her move onto this content platform in November 2014. Ever since, her fans have been able to catch her creating beauty, travel, and health/fitness related content, and documenting her adventures for her fans whenever she is not acting.


Jack Black (Jablinski Games)

Subscriber Count: 3.3M
Total Viewership: 31M
Average Viewership: 6.2M

In the December of last year, the hilarious School of Rock star announced that he will be dedicating his new gaming channel to “games, food, and life.” Ever since, he has been creating weekly content with the help of his sons, Sammy and Taylor. Keeping us on the edge of our seats, he’s been quiet about the types of games he will be featuring. But, there is a video of him playing pinball games at an arcade. Also, can we please reiterate that he gained 1 million subscribers in just a week?



Dwayne Johnson (TheRock)

Subscriber Count: 3.2M
Total Viewership: 99M
Average Viewership: 628K

This former wrestler decided to give YouTube a go 3 years ago (July 2016). Right off the bat, he collaborated with popular YouTubers like Lilly Singh and Markiplier. With over 3 million subscribers to date, he had been winning the hearts of his fans with fitness related videos, as well as different series that feature his favorite recipes and life as an actor.


Snoop Dogg (WestFestTV)

Subscriber Count: 4.4M
Total Viewership: 655M
Average Viewership: 1.2M

In May 2011, Snoop Dogg started broadcasting his series, GGN (Double G News Network), where he interviews different rappers and actors/actresses on his YouTube channel. As of now, it has 274 episodes on the channel. More importantly, the most viewed episode to date features Seth Rogen and has over 10 million views.

Rainn Wilson (SoulPancake)

Subscriber Count: 3M
Total Viewership: 455M
Average Viewership: 822K

Does Dwight Schrute ring a bell? To those of you who are a fan of the American sitcom, The Office, you are in for a surprise. In March 2009, Wilson founded the channel, SoulPancake, with the purpose of spreading positivity and lifting viewers’ spirits through entertainment. Within 10 years, not only did it grow into a channel with over 3 million subscribers, but it also turned into a digital entertainment company that had created more than hundreds of hours of content and shows like (the inspirational and motivating) Kid President.

Russell Brand (Russell Brand)

Subscriber Count: 1.4 M
Total Viewership: 132M
Average Viewership: 247K

The English comedian has been advising and mentoring his fans about life and politics on his YouTube channel since October 2012. For instance, viewers can catch him chatting with guest stars about different thought provoking cultural and political issues, such as fascism, gun control in America, and what creates extremists.


Karlie Kloss (Klossy)

Subscriber Count: 738K
Total Viewership: 37.9M
Average Viewership: 361K

This Victoria’s Secret Angel introduced her YouTube channel to the world in July 2015. As of now, the channel has her travels vlogs, beauty tutorials, and behind the scenes footage at different fashion shows. Viewers can also find out more about her latest STEM initiative, Kode with Klossy (a 2-week summer program where girls between 13-18 years old learn how to code) on the channel.


Arnold Schwarzenegger (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Subscriber Count: 617K
Total Viewership: 126M
Average Viewership: 802K

Arnold Schwarzenegger debuted his first YouTube video in December 2007. However, he has only began to step away from uploading content related to his political campaigns, and started to chat more casually with his YouTube community 5 years ago. Reminiscent of his body building days, viewers can also occasionally catch him uploading fitness related videos.

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