10 steps to succeed with Express Campaigns

We recently launched Express Campaigns, a new tool that makes working with YouTubers on sponsored content easier and faster than ever.

We were blown away by the positive response to the tool and now Express Campaigns is getting even better with targeting that includes 23 new categories. So for anything from astrology to RPG gaming — we’ve got you covered! 


Here’s 10 steps to get your campaign launched in minutes: 


1. Log in with your Google account

  • On the Express Campaigns page, easily create an account by signing in through Google. 


2. Create a new campaign

Once you are logged in, start your campaign by clicking “Create my first campaign”.

3. Select your targeting

  • First you need to select the targeting for your campaign. This will help you to reach the right audience. 
  • Select one of the “Language/Location” options.
  • Select one of the “Interest” options.
  • On the right side you can see estimated CPM range for your selection.

4. Put in your product details

  • Write down your product name
  • If it is available on App Store or Google Play or has a website, write the URLs in the given fields.
    • Creators will get unique tracking links that direct viewers automatically to the right URLs based on their device.

5. Name your campaign

  • You can name your campaign however you want. This name is only visible for you and your team – not for creators.

6. Double-check everything is right

  •  Double-check the summary and make sure that there are no typos.

7. Finish the setup

  • In this page, you can finish the setup by adding any last details.

7.1 Add Assets

  • Upload images and videos that creators can use in their content
  • For the best possible content we recommend sharing:
    • A Logo of the product
    • A few (2-5) pictures of something cool in the product you would like creators to show
      • e.g. pictures of characters, cool objects or scenes
    • Video materials showing the product
      • It is easier for creators if you can provide good quality videos that show for example an overview, main features or some cool combos and scenes from the product.
      • Please provide at least one 30 second video creators could use as it is, or use for a voice-over.
      • Usually the best way is to offer also some additional video content, so creators can combine these as they see the best.
      • If there are a 2 minutes max of high quality video footage, it should be very easy for creators to produce good content from it. 

7.2 Add Brief

  • We share campaign instructions to creators as a brief
  • Add talking points
    • Write a couple of talking points you want creators to mention about the product.
    • Pro tip! Keep talking points simple.
      • You can for example try to emphasize some new features or the most popular things in your product to make it interesting for the viewer.
  • Add call to action
    • Write a call to action that creators will use
      • e.g. “Download [your product] now to try these cool features yourself!”
      • Once again, keep it simple!

7.3 Optional: Add tracking and attribution

  • Matchmade can track views and clicks automatically, but if you want to use a special tracking URL to track for example installs, you can add it here.

8. Add budget

  • Add your budget for the campaign
    • For express campaigns, your budget can be anywhere between $500 – $25,000.

9. Launch!

  • Add your credit card information to finish the campaign launch. Your card will be charged after the campaign is completed. The amount is at maximum the budget you set in your previous step.

  • After you have connected your card, you can launch the campaign!

10. Done!

  • Awesome! If you followed all the steps above, you have now successfully launched a Matchmade Express Campaign!
  • Next, the Matchmade team starts working on the campaign and allocates the budget to creators.
  • You can just relax and wait for the campaign to be executed. You will receive notifications when content is published to Youtube.


So, there you have it! Make yourself a coffee and it will still be hot by the time you’ve finished setting up your campaign. After the process is completed, you can sit back and the dashboard will measure performance and track all the metrics you need to know in real-time.

If you’re interested in giving it a try and tapping into a network of 4.5 billion views, you can sign up to Matchmade Express Campaigns here.