PDK Films, FaZe Adapt and VRZOchannel

12 Fastest Growing Gaming Channels on YouTube June 2019

Let’s kick off the weekend with another analysis of the fastest growing gaming YouTube channels. Same as last time, we’re looking at the growth of the number of total views they have gained within the past 30 days, and have included XL channels (YouTubers with 5M+ subscribers). We decided to focus on viewership as well because, as always, it carries more weight than subscriber count for both content creators and advertisers.

Here’s the breakdown: We separated the channels into 4 categories (XL, large, medium and small), and analyzed the number of total views they have gained within the last 30 days. We then selected the top 3 gaming channels from each category, and ranked them according to how much they have grown. As a result, the 12 channels with the most growth made this list.

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XL Channels: 5M+ subscribers

What an exciting month for the pioneer of Nerf War! Within the last 30 days, PDK Films had an increase of 1235% in total views, making them THE fastest growing XL gaming channel to date. Not too shabby for the two other XL channels, FaZe Adapt and VRZOchannel, that made the list as well — their total views grew at least 300% within the same time frame. More importantly, we would like to give a special shout out to  VRZOchannel for being the first non-English speaking XL channel (Thai, in this case) to make it to the list. The below data is based on publicly available numbers on YouTube.


  1. PDK Films
    • Subs: 3M
    • Current Total Views: 7M
    • Previous Total Views: 8M
    • Growth: 1235%
    • Game: Nerf Guns
    • Language: English


  2. FaZe Adapt
    • Subs: 3M
    • Current Total Views: 1M
    • Previous Total Views: 905K
    • Growth: 352%
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: English


  3. VRZOchannel
    • Subs: 8M
    • Current Total Views: 2M
    • Previous Total Views: 719K
    • Growth: 344%
    • Game: Varying
    • Language: Thai


Large Channels: 1M to 5M subscribers

Surprise, surprise. Another Fortnite related channel has made it as one of the fastest growing large channels. Within the past 30 days, Exility’s view count grew by 7120% and over 4.8M views. Interestingly, another old school game appears to have resurfaced in the past 30 days, and became content for a popular YouTube channel that many Russian gamers have been tuning in to: Dota 2. As a result, NAVI Dota 2’s view count has increased by 3497%. The below data is based on publicly available numbers on YouTube.


  1. Exility
    • Subs: 2.7M
    • Current Total Views: 4.9M
    • Previous Total Views: 68K
    • Growth: 7 120%
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: English


  2. NAVI Dota 2
    • Subs:
    • Current Total Views: 425K
    • Previous Total Views: 12K
    • Growth: 3 497%
    • Game: Dota 2
    • Language: Russian


  3. IceBarBer
    • Subs:
    • Current Total Views: 1.1M
    • Previous Total Views: 44K
    • Growth: 2 325%
    • Game: Garena Free Fire, Speed Drifters
    • Language: Thai


Medium Channels: 100K to 1M subscribers

Medium channels continue to be the second tier of fastest growing channels when assessing the growth of total number of views in the past 30 days. The view count of the channels below have grown over 10 000%. For example, Ryan Evanego (another Fortnite gaming channel) had a whooping increase of 23 796%, and Aethelthryth (a Minecraft channel) had an increase of 13 681%. It’s important to note that 2 out of 3 channels below are non-English speaking as well. Talk about diversity!


  1. Ryan Evanego
    • Subs: 222K
    • Current Total Views: 1.7M
    • Previous Total Views: 7K
    • Growth: 23 796%
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: English


  2. Aethelthryth
    • Subs: 162K
    • Current Total Views: 1M
    • Previous Total Views: 8K
    • Growth: 13 681%
    • Game: Minecraft, Gadgets
    • Language: Bulgarian


    • Subs: 848K
    • Current Total Views: 10M
    • Previous Total Views: 83K
    • Growth: 12 077%
    • Game: Arena of Valor
    • Language: Vietnamese


Small Channels: 5K to 100K subscribers

For this list, small channels are overall the fastest growing gaming channels on YouTube. The view count of each channel below has an increase of 33 000% within the aforementioned time frame. For instance, Spun (A Mortal Kombat 11-related channel) only had 8K total views prior to the 30 days. However, by the end of it, the channel reached a total of 3.5M views, increasing its growth by 42 237%. Looking at how Fortbait and Twitchy have grown, it’s interesting (although not surprising) to see that Fortnite has continued to be the type of content that can exponentially grow gaming YouTube channels. The below data is based on publicly available numbers on YouTube.



  1. Spun
    • Subs: 45K
    • Current Total Views: 3.5M
    • Previous Total Views: 8K
    • Growth: 42 237%
    • Game: Mortal Kombat 11
    • Language: English


  2. Fortbait
    • Subs: 45K
    • Current Total Views:1M
    • Previous Total Views: 12K
    • Growth: 34 508%
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: English


  3. Twitchy
    • Subs: 20K
    • Current Total Views: 3.5M
    • Previous Total Views: 10K
    • Growth: 33 777%
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: English



  • Non-English speaking channels are back in the picture! Over 40% of the gaming YouTubers above either speak Thai, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, or Russian to their audience.
  • In the previous post, we asked if it was possible that old school games are making a comeback. It appears that this could be possible as Dota 2 has made it to the list this round.
  • Fortnite, Fortnite, Fortnite! With the recent release of season 9, there’s little doubt that this popular battle royale title will leave the radar of many gaming enthusiasts on YouTube.


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