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12 Fastest Growing Gaming Channels on YouTube

We’re back with another round of fastest growing gaming YouTube channels. However, this time, we’re analyzing the channel growth differently. Instead of looking at the subscribers of each YouTube channel, we based the growth on the number of total views they have gained within the past 30 days as viewership ultimately carries more weight than subscriber count for both content creators and advertisers. More importantly, we expanded our horizon, and looked at the growth of XL channels (YouTubers with 5M+ subscribers) as well.

Here’s the breakdown: as mentioned above, we separated the channels into 4 categories (XL, large, medium and small), and examined the number of total views they have gained within the past 30 days. We then selected the top 3 gaming channels from each category, and ranked them according to their growth rate. As a result, the 12 channels with the most growth made the list.

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XL Channels: 5M+ subscribers

Drum roll, please! Big congrats to Preston as he is now the fastest growing XL gaming channel on YouTube. Within the past 30 days, his channel received an increase of 1711% in total views. As for the other XL channels, both FaZe Clan and MessYourself had at least a 50% increase in views within the same time frame. Different from the channels (individual content creators) that have made the list in the past, Faze Clan actually features Fortnite content by multiple  members, like Tfue and H1ghSky1, that are a part of this popular esports team. It’s also interesting to see Mess Yourself continues to grow in views, and is still recognized for its gaming content after he has created a separate gaming channel (Mess Yourself Gaming) 3 months ago. The below data is based on publicly available subscriber numbers on YouTube.


  1. Preston
  • Subs: 9.2M
  • Current Total Views: 6.4M
  • Previous Total Views: 333K
  • Growth: 1711%
  • Game: Minecraft
  • Language: English
  1. FaZe Clan
  • Subs: 6.1M
  • Current Total Views: 13.7M
  • Previous Total Views: 4.3M
  • Growth: 212%
  • Game: Fortnite
  • Language: English
  1. Mess Yourself
  • Subs: 5.6M
  • Current Total Views: 5.7M
  • Previous Total Views: 3.1M
  • Growth: 82%
  • Game: Walking Dead, GTA V, PUBG Mobile
  • Language: English


Large Channels: 100K to 5M+ subscribers

Yes! Mobile games! For the very first time in our top gaming influencers series, not one but two channels that only produce mobile gaming content have made the list. The first is DiyarAMARAU- Brawl Stars — the channel’s view count increased by 1.1M views within the past 30 days. The other is PUBG Mobile TV as it gained around 5.5M views within the same time frame. The below data is based on publicly available subscriber numbers on YouTube.



  1. DiyarAMARU – Brawl Stars
  • Subs: 100K
  • Current Total Views: 1.2M
  • Previous Total Views: 11.3K
  • Growth: 10518%
  • Game: Brawl Stars
  • Language: English
  1. Life and Death
  • Subs: 320K
  • Current Total Views: 4M
  • Previous Total Views: 38K
  • Growth: 10329%
  • Game: Mortal Kombat 11, Injustice 2
  • Language: English
  1. PUBG Mobile TV
  • Subs: 515K
  • Current Total Views: 5.6M
  • Previous Total Views: 125K
  • Growth: 4384%
  • Game: PUBG Mobile
  • Language: English


Medium Channels: 5K – 100K subscribers

The fastest growing medium gaming channels below are also a bit different from the ones we’ve previously seen as the view counts of these channels grew over 20 000% within the past 30 days. For instance, Extra Ordinary previously only had 8K in total views. And, by the end of  the past 30 days, their view count increased to a total of 3.3M views. On another note, it seems like X-Plane — a flight simulation game released back in 1995 (their latest upgrade was in 2017) — has sparked and resparked the interest of many gaming enthusiasts on YouTube.

The below data is based on publicly available subscriber numbers on YouTube.



  1. Extra Ordinary
  • Subs: 27K
  • Current Total Views: 3.3M
  • Previous Total Views: 8K
  • Growth: 42127%
  • Game: PUBG Mobile
  • Language: English
  1. Streamer2VN
  • Subs: 6K
  • Current Total Views: 1.6M
  • Previous Total Views: 7K
  • Growth: 23402%
  • Game: League of Legends
  • Language: Vietnamese
  1. Flight And Fun
  • Subs: 15K
  • Current Total Views: 1.3M
  • Previous Total Views: 6K
  • Growth: 22581%
  • Game: X-Plane
  • Language: English

Small Channels: > 5K subscribers

Interestingly, small channels aren’t the fastesting growing channels this time around. The view count of the channels below have only grown over 500% in the past 30 days. Nonetheless, the one to keep an eye out for is Thales Moustache as the views of this channel had a whooping increase of 1576%. It’s also great to see more and more non-Fortnite related games (in this case: Anthem, Mortal Kombat 11, Runescape, etc) are soaring in popularity on YouTube. The below data is based on publicly available subscriber numbers on YouTube.



  1. Thales Moustache
  • Subs: 3.9K  
  • Current Total Views: 288K
  • Previous Total Views: 17K
  • Growth: 1576%
  • Game: Anthem, Monster Hunter: World
  • Language: English
  1. RoadBlockersLP
  • Subs: 1.1K
  • Current Total Views: 80K
  • Previous Total Views: 5K
  • Growth: 1497%
  • Game: Mortal Kombat 11, Get Even, Hearthstone
  • Language: English/German
  1. Freddo – OSRS
  • Subs: 2.1K
  • Current Total Views: 95K
  • Previous Total Views: 15K
  • Growth: 502%
  • Game: Runescape
  • Language: English


  • Small channels no longer grow the most when we base the growth of these gaming channels on the number of total views they have gained in the past 30 days. Instead, medium channels have taken the reign.
  • Sensing a similar pattern as Granny and Baldi’s Basics, it seems like the latest title (Mortal Kombat 11) to a horror-fantasy themed fighting game series is winning the hearts of many gaming enthusiasts on YouTube. Seriously, what is it with horror games?
  • Could it be possible that old school games (i.e. Runescape) are making a comeback?
  • Few of our previous posts have featured Fortnite influencers exclusively. However, on this list, there’s only 1 channel that features Fortnite content. It’s also interesting to see that none of the gaming channels above feature Apex Legends gameplays, especially given the title’s latest hype.


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