God of War now the 3rd largest game on YouTube

Watch out Fortnite, there’s a new kid on the block: God of War now the 3rd largest game on YouTube

Fortnite is no longer the fastest growing game on YouTube

According to data from Matchmade (the intelligent influencer marketing platform that analyzes over 2.4 Million gaming-related YouTube videos and 220M videos), God of War has become the third largest game YouTube. Since its release on April 20, YouTubers are loving the action-adventure hack-and-slash mythology-based game. One could argue that it’s easy to grow from non-existent to existent, but God of War has become the third largest title on YouTube – becoming a dominant game in just four weeks since launch. It remains to be seen if the game retains interest or, if like most single-player games, doesn’t have long-term appeal on YouTube.

God of War has potential to break records

At this moment, God of War is riding a massive popularity wave and according to our data and best educated guesses, God of War could reach 1bn total views in June or July – thus beating Fortnite. We shall continue to observe!

Fortnite is still the most viewed game on YouTube

We posted about how massive Fortnite has become on YouTube just two months ago, and here’s how they are doing now:

  • In March and April, Fortnite reached 9.7 billion total views on YouTube (data from Matchmade platform).
  • In the months of Jan – Feb, Fortnite reached total views of 5.1 billion, and was the second most viewed game behind Minecraft (data from Matchmade platform).
  • In March, Fortnite surpassed Minecraft as the most viewed game on YouTube, and now continues to reign. .
  • Everyone is watching Fortnite and also all the fastest growing YouTube channels are about the game.


The key takeaways are: Fortnite continues to grow and reign, God of War has taken off at record speed. PUBG has been pretty stable for many months, so Fortnite may not have stolen all its predecessor’s views. Minecraft viewership continues to decline, as is now ROBLOX, which might indicate that sandbox-type-of-games are losing interest.


  • God of War has the potential to reshuffle the lay of the YouTube land. It’s still early days, so we’ll see what happens.
  • Why are they doing so well on YouTube? Here’s a few educated guesses: the
  • Fortnite continues to dominate viewership.
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