Express Campaigns: easily access 9.2 million creators with new self-service tool

Matchmade Express Campaigns — a streamlined self-service version of our platform, lets businesses of all scales conveniently kick off campaigns with creators in a matter of minutes.


Since our inception in 2016, we’ve been refining our targeting and pricing to reach millions of people each month, working with some of the largest and most advanced advertisers in the space.

We’ve been banging the drum about the advantages of hiring multiple creators on single campaigns for a while now. It reduces risk and makes for more predictable results. Yet limits on time, manpower and budgets often make it difficult for marketers and brands to try this out for themselves.

With that in mind, we developed a self-service version of our platform, to give businesses of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to work with creators easily and efficiently.

Rather than the industry standard of several weeks, the tool gets content live on YouTube in days. It’s also an easy option for brands looking to get their feet wet, as partnerships with multiple creators can be launched from $500 per campaign.

After brands set a budget and target audience, the platform guides marketers through creating a simple brief with clear talking points suited to their campaign goals. There is no need to negotiate fees as fair and transparent prices are pre-calculated according to market data.

Express Campaigns eliminates the hours of manual work that would be spent on finding creators, using automated machine learning to analyze over 1.25 billion pieces of content, scanning 9.2 million potential matches to find relevant fits.

One other thing to note is that we’re still sticking to our guns in advocating a healthy marketing ecosystem that respects privacy. Like on the Matchmade platform itself, in addition to demographics and location, we find creators according to interest-based content-targeting. This is a departure from many performance marketing services that are facing increasing scrutiny from privacy regulators for their pervasive use of behavioral tracking.

Jiri Kupiainen, CEO, Matchmade

“As we shift towards a privacy-compliant ecosystem, Matchmade Express Campaigns offers an alternative to many performance marketing tools that lets businesses execute campaigns with the same immediacy. Campaigns can be launched for hundreds, rather than thousands, making creator marketing accessible to businesses of all sizes and budgets.” – Jiri Kupiainen CEO

Although we’ve only been around for half a decade, this still makes us the old kids on the block by industry standards. Like proud parents we’re thrilled at how much creator marketing has grown over recent years. There is a soar in brands sponsoring creativity, seeking authentic connections that drive real, genuine engagement. The fact that the market size nearly doubled between 2019 and 2021 stands as a testament to this. By the end of this year, the market share is expected to hit $13.8 billion.

At Matchmade, we’ve witnessed this surge ourselves, with the volume of our sponsorships increasing fivefold last year alone. With the launch of Matchmade Express Campaigns this is only set to rise!

If you’re an advertiser interested in tapping into a network of over 4.5 billion monthly views, sign up to Matchmade Express Campaigns. The process is easy simply enter your budget, arrange your targeting, and submit your brief. After this is completed your campaign will be allocated to creators who will integrate the sponsorship into their videos. Afterwards, you can sit back and the dashboard will track their performance for you.