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Dear Influencers: Here’s Your YouTube Equipment Checklist

As a continuation of our previous post on how to prepare for your first stream, we will be diving deeper into the types of equipment you, aspiring influencers out there, should look into when starting out. To further set you up for success, we took a different approach from what we’ve done in the past, and chatted with ТиТ VR, a Russian micro-influencer who creates virtual reality gaming content on YouTube.

Psst.. More and more advertisers are working with micro-influencers as they recognize that influencers of this size have a higher engagement rate, more loyal fan base, which ultimately leads to a higher conversion rate. With 5G internet potentially removing VR’s biggest blocker (lack of fast speed and stable connection on the go), we predict the popularity of YouTube channels dedicated to VR gaming will continue to increase.

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Meet ТиТ VR

Subscribers on YouTube: 8401

Last 30 day average views: 6439

Engagement rate: 10.98%


When did you start making YouTube videos?

It’s been a bit over 3 years since I published my first video. It’s funny to say it actually covered a completely different topic than the type of content I would produce now. But, I find it beneficial to always first test out what type of videos your audience likes and doesn’t like before sticking to a specific genre. I only changed direction a year after I posted my first video.


How often do you create content for your channel?

I make at least 1 video per week! To keep myself committed and my viewers engaged, I have a “weekly news” segment where I share the latest VR devices, interesting software, and games that I come across that week. I’m excited to say that I uploaded episode 129 just a week ago! Something that I’ve been wanting to do more is posting at least one more video during the week, but it doesn’t happen as consistently as I would like to.



Which equipment do you use to make your videos?

Let’s get to the good stuff! When I first started, I was filming my videos with a GoPro, but as soon as I noticed that it gives a “fisheye” effect to the video, I switched to a phone right away. First, it was a Samsung Note 8, then a Note 9. Every step of the way, I made sure I’ve got some other equipment (e.g. lights, tripods, and a DJI gimbal for cinematic shots – the models are listed below) as support. But, it wasn’t until I purchased a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K that I started really noticing the difference in quality between filming with a phone and a professional camera. Check out the two videos below:

Newer video:

Older video:

In terms of equipment, what was the biggest challenge you had when you first started?

Lights, those damn lights – don’t underestimate them! It can become very difficult and time consuming to get your lighting right. I learned that my videos look the best when the light is set centered, brightly and evenly on my face. But, trying to figure that out initially took ages – I would either find a weird shadow in the corner, shadows flickering on the wall, or the entire setup just looks unnatural. Luckily, I also just recently purchased a new set of professional lights (the specific model is listed below). Hopefully, they will improve the quality of my videos even more.


How did you figure out which equipment to stick to?

Honestly, when I first started making videos, I just bought what I could afford even if it meant lower quality tripods, industrial lamps, and simply using the phone that I use. But, even early on, I noticed the content quality was not as great so I started looking for high quality cameras the moment I was able to invest more money into the equipment I use. I mostly learned about the different options I could look into by listening to what other YouTubers, like MKBHD, suggest. For example, Marcus has made a few detailed videos about the type of equipment he uses, which helped me narrow down my own list to the basic essentials I needed.



Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Out of curiosity, what influenced you to create your videos in Russian and not English? 

Funny enough, when I first started making YouTube videos, I was creating content for two channels: one was in English and the other was in Russian. But, I quickly had to give the English one up because I couldn’t dedicate enough time to two channels every week. And since I originally created the Russian one to practice speaking Russian, I decided to keep this one.

Haha, I definitely didn’t expect it to grow into something bigger. And now I am a part of the VR industry both professionally AND personally, what else could one ask for? 🙂


That’s it for now, folks! Here’s an equipment checklist of what TUT VR uses for his channel:


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