Privacy matters — logging into Matchmade with social media accounts

At Matchmade, we take data privacy seriously. As one of our core values, we believe full transparency is key to achieving an ethical and healthy creator ecosystem. 

This is why it is important for us to underline exactly what happens when a creator signs up to the platform with their social media accounts.



When a creator signs up to Matchmade, a Google dialogue box pops up that asks the creator for permission to view their social media account.


By allowing this, the creator gives Matchmade access to view their videos, playlists and activity on YouTube.



On Instagram, Matchmade requests access to view the creator’s insights, posts, and pages managed by them.



We can assure creators that Matchmade does not have access that allows us to upload and delete content or engage in any activity on the creator’s account. It is not possible for us to add, change or delete anything in any way. 

The reason that we request read-only rights to some of the analytics is so that we’re able to identify relevant campaigns for the audience and for the purpose of campaign analytics.

We have no access to their actual account. We also have no access to any of their monetization or ad revenue information.


Restricted access 

We greatly value the time and effort that creators have dedicated to crafting content and nurturing their follower base. Therefore it is a priority for us to never put creators in a situation which compromises or damages their accounts. 

Over the course of Matchmade’s five-year existence, we have never requested access to anyone’s accounts for anything other than views and basic statistics. 

This is something that we handle stringently. In fact, we are not only rigorous about external measures, but we also have internal restrictions within the company regarding access to this information.

This means that we do not give Matchmade employees access to that data, unless it is absolutely essential for their work.


Privacy as a priority 

As a fundamental right, privacy is of utmost importance to us, and has been since day one.

After all, one of the reasons why we believe that creator marketing is the future, is that it offers an ethical alternative to invasive practices such as behavioral tracking. 

As creator marketing continues to evolve, we are lucky enough to be working with a growing amount of creators on a regular basis. Nearly 10,000 creators trust us with their sponsorships and we take that trust seriously.

This is why we fully encourage creators to message us through the Support widget on our knowledge base. If they have any concerns regarding access to their accounts, we will be happy to answer any questions. In the meantime, our FAQ aims to answer the most common queries.