PrompterAI and Matchmade

Matchmade joins forces with

We’re delighted to announce that the Helsinki based sales automation company,, has joined forces with Matchmade, the intelligent influencer marketing platform! Welcome to the team, Lauri Hynynen, Niko Ahonen, and Juho Hyytiäinen.

The three founded in the summer of 2017, with one mission in mind: automating the meeting preparation process that is often time-consuming. Prior to their chapter at, they were early employees, and engineering graduates of Aalto University.  Today, they join Matchmade to automate the current workflows within influencer marketing, which are often manual and time-consuming, and to also add data and transparency for all parties.

The trio brings a great addition to the Matchmade team, with diverse backgrounds in growing and scaling startups internationally. Lauri, who has taken on the role of Product Lead, has been working within startups since 2010 – he was an early employee at; the first employee at Y-Combinator-backed Backlift in San Francisco; founder of and Niko, who joins as Senior Data Scientist was previously at DealDash and, scaling the companies through critical growth phases. Juho, now Business Intelligence Analyst at Matchmade, was also an early employee at Prior to that, he worked at FiBAN and Aalto University.


“We’re excited to join Matchmade and continue working on our mission — making time-consuming manual work more efficient and automated. Influencer marketing has tremendous potential, and there’s a lot of opportunity to automate and optimise the process for advertisers, agencies and influencers alike.”

                                                             – Lauri Hynynen, Product Lead

Why Matchmade?


Lauri: On a professional level, it just made sense. At, we were already automating workflows that were once manual. With the influencer marketing industry rapidly evolving, there’s and there’ll be a lot of interesting problems to solve, which means many more processes to automate and make more efficient.

On a personal note, I also joined because of the fun and smart colleagues. I knew a lot of the folks at Matchmade before joining, but when I started to get to know the rest of the team, I got along with everyone really well.

Niko: I agree with Lauri. This was almost like a “match made” in heaven, haha. I really enjoy automating processes, and this industry has a lot of low hanging fruits to pick. Also, I’m genuinely interested in the marketing optimization opportunities that this space has to offer.

Juho: Pretty much the same as what Lauri and Niko have said. Also, in terms of company progression, Matchmade is at an exciting stage as we already have some early successes and are getting ready to grow even faster. It will be interesting to apply the knowledge we’ve gained from scaling a small number of employees to a bigger number, here.

P.S. We’re currently hiring in Berlin, San Francisco, and Helsinki for a wide variety of positions. Check out our careers page to get to know and join our awesome team.