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For the love of data, the Matchmade reporting tool is here!

This blogpost is a bit different from our usual posts, as it’s about our new and amazing reporting feature – and not about what’s going on in influencer marketing. For the love of data, we’ve added the Advanced Analytics toolset to the Matchmade dashboard. It is a powerful way to easily see and analyze how exactly your influencer marketing campaigns are performing. The feature is now available to all Matchmade users. And we promise, it’s not boring at all.

Why should you care?

  • Advanced Analytics is the easiest way to to see how your influencer marketing campaigns perform.
  • View, analyze and compare all campaigns statistics in one place. Including the cost of sponsored videos, views per video, installs, engagement and more.
  • You can see all the influencers you’ve worked with and the videos they’ve published in one snapshot.
  • Advanced Analytics is live on Matchmade now, so just login and check it out.

What’s especially cool about it?

  • Save hours of time not having to browse through multiple dashboards.
  • Download all the information as a PDF, and easily share it with coworkers.
  • Print out the badass report to give to your boss, client or coworker.
  • The Advanced Analytics toolset is free to use for anyone who runs influencer marketing campaigns on Matchmade.

How to use Advanced Analytics for influencer marketing?

  1. Log into Matchmade. If you don’t have an account sign up here.
  2. Select “Campaigns” from the main tab.
  3. Scroll down to “Advanced Analytics” – click it!
  4. You can select the date range of the report by clicking the date tab.
  5. Click “Download as PDF” for the easy-to-share and printable version.

At Matchmade, we’re on a quest to make influencer marketing better and more transparent for all parties involved. The new Advanced Analytics toolset brings more visibility into how influencer campaigns perform, which is great for sponsors and influencers alike. For sponsors, this is a way to measure the value of sponsoring content creators. For influencers, it’s a great way to understand what they can offer game developers and brands.

We’re rolling out similar reporting tools for influencers soon, so stay tuned. Also, if you have any questions, want to understand how exactly Matchmade works, or just chat about the meaning of life, we’re here! Please tweet, email ([email protected]) or chat with us 🙂

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