Mobile Games Awards: Best Influencer Marketing Agency 2022

We are proud to announce Matchmade as the winner of “Best Influencer Marketing Agency” at this year’s Mobile Games Awards

We’re feeling both happy and humble that we’ve received this award, and it also produced a few laughs in the office. Why? Well, the thing is, we’re not really an influencer marketing agency. As a matter of fact, we are the complete opposite! The joke’s on us, but how did we get here?

While many customers initially approach us thinking we are a traditional influencer marketing agency, they quickly realize that we are not – and end up staying because of it.

Originally, Matchmade was founded by games industry veterans Jiri Kupiainen (CEO) and Leo Lännenmäki (CTO) in 2016, after finding alternative ways to promote their game The Masterplan. You can read more about our humble beginnings in a cramped basement in Helsinki here. 

Since then, we have come a long way and developed into a B2B marketplace that matches well-suited content creators and advertisers together for creator marketing campaigns.

Unlike a talent agency, we are powered by data and AI, and have developed a scalable, repeatable and predictable model which allows thousands of creators to be hired for campaigns in just a few mouse-clicks. 

At the same time, we empower content creators, matching them only with relevant brands, while encouraging advertisers to give them full creative freedom with how sponsorships are integrated.

Overall, our mission is simple – to bring fairness and transparency to a fast-growing multi-billion dollar creator marketing industry. 


A platform (and service) that turns creators into a scalable performance channel

Advertisers that are considering working with influencers are better off working with smaller creators. Smaller creators drive better engagement than huge celebrities. Better engagement = better results.

A common blocker for advertisers is that in order to reach meaningful scale with small creators, you’ll need to work with dozens or hundreds of them. For most advertisers that’s not feasible, and even at best it requires hiring tons of people to manage all that (finding creators, negotiating, reviewing, etc), which tanks the ROI.

Matchmade enables brands to work with small creators, while also making scalability possible. We’ve built an engine that automates everything starting from discovery to negotiations, reviews, and tracking (you can use your own attribution as well though!) all the way to payouts.

As the increased automation allows for faster processes, a larger number of creators, and bigger scale, it also allows our customers to execute in a way that is familiar to performance marketing channels such as Google and Facebook Ads in influencer marketing.

This is why our customers choose us. Matchmade is the one stop shop for scalable, reliable creator marketing – a one of a kind creator performance marketing tool with a focus on acquisition.


Matchmade vs traditional agencies 

By now you’ve probably got the message that we have a different approach than your regular influencer marketing agency, but what’s the actual difference?

The data advantage

“Show me a list of creators” doesn’t exist at Matchmade, we don’t work with any creators exclusively. Our process allows us to work with every creator out there. 

Our platform is continuously analyzing channels, videos and streams on YouTube and Twitch (that’s over 1.1 Billion videos and 9.2M YouTube channels to date!), so believe us when we say that the Matchmade machine will pick the best channels based on your audience criteria.

Automation that enables performance

Our platform and data enable you to increase the speed, scale and number of collaborations. This allows you to execute influencer marketing campaigns in a way that has been very slow or impossible to do in the past. Automation enables more streamlined and flexible strategies:

  • Market expansion: expanding into a new market in no time with minimal costs (just think of how long it would take and how much it would cost to start hiring an agency in a new target geo).
  • Scalability: quickly hiring a large number of creators for a big marketing push e.g. for an upcoming launch – without needing to go to multiple agencies or risking it all on one big name creator.
  • All-in-one: Small to mid-size creators, macro influencers, rehires, flexibility, content buyouts. Using a blend of creators from small to large improves predictability and performance.
  • Accurately estimating reach/views: our proprietary data helps to accurately predict the number of views you are likely to get in your target segments (rather than basing it on highly unreliable metrics such as subscriber counts).

Simple workflow

We provide our customer with an efficient service model where they can focus on the essentials and get results with minimal effort and no extra resources required. We help remove the tedious manual tasks so you can focus on what matters. Instead of multiple agencies in different countries, Matchmade allows you to work with creators globally without additional overhead costs. We can execute higher volume creator campaigns with more precision than anyone else in the industry.

If you’re interested in working with content creators, in a way that is low-risk, predictable and scalable – head over to our advertisers page, where you can also claim a free copy of our creator marketing ebook. 


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