New! Instagram influencer marketing with Matchmade

We’re excited to announce Matchmade now supports Instagram influencer marketing! It’s a big step in our journey and we’re proud our new update makes it easier than ever to showcase your product in the hands of Instagram influencers and utilise the popular platform for high-volume and scalable influencer marketing. To learn more about Matchmade’s Instagram feature book a demo call with one of our experts. 

We pride ourselves on our adaptability. Influencer marketing is constantly evolving and so are we. This launch brings us closer to achieving our goal of full multi-platform support. Spoiler alert: we’re already working on a tool for TikTok! 

We’re certainly no newbies when it comes to reimagining influencer marketing and making it more accessible for our customers. This milestone is just the latest in a series of ground-breaking developments for the industry. 


Flashback four years ago and we began our project with an innovative tool for the gaming sector. This convention toppling software utilised scientific practices to finally instate measurable outcomes for influencer marketeers. Becoming a leader in providing data backed solutions to better influencer marketing, we next took our analytical approach to non-gaming apps with great success. Most recently we launched our game-changing Autopilot feature, enabling painless end-to-end campaign management and boosting the scalability of the channel. Now we bring all our learnings to help you crush Instagram high-volume influencer marketing.

With our custom-built algorithm we can help you find your best match Instagram influencers instantly. Want to save even more time and optimise your results? Our tool is an efficient way to manage your campaigns. And through our real-time results dashboard, you’ll be able to measure performance of your collaborations in terms of views, clicks and installs. Transparent, results-driven influencer marketing.

Why Instagram? If one billion active monthly users wasn’t enough, the advantages of advertising with influencers on social media’s chicest platform have convinced 89 percent of marketers to incorporate it into their influencer marketing strategies. According to Social Media Today this makes Instagram the most popular channel for influencer marketing (followed by YouTube and Facebook).

Learn more about why Instagram is so popular with advertisers, what features make it effective for influencer marketing and how to use them in your own marketing efforts as well as help you ascertain if Instagram is right for your product from here.

If you’d like learn more about Matchmade’s Instagram feature book a demo call with one of our experts.