New! Targeting based on astrological signs

We’ve taken effective targeting to another level. After months of development and rigorous testing, we’ve launched a new service that targets audiences based on their astrological signs.

Through targeting according to the birthdays (and inevitable traits) of your ideal customers, we can tailor campaigns to a tee. If you’d like to learn which star signs could be most compatible with your brand – just keep on reading.





Those born under this sign are often exciting and can be very enthusiastic creatures. They like to go on new and challenging adventures that really push their limits. So if you’re marketing exotic travel locations or thrill-seeking activities, you might want to go with wild and free-spirited Aries. 



Taureans are often incredibly dedicated, so could make for loyal customers. They like to be a practical and dependable, and love to stick to schedules. If you’re advertising an app for organising and planning – or any paraphernalia related to it, this could be a great star sign to tap into.



Gemini’s have a childlike curiosity about the world, always asking new questions. They love to learn about new ideas and become fascinated easily. These could make ideal customers for a product in the realm of education. This could be along the lines of a language learning or a game that is based on historical events.



Cancers are emotional creatures and are highly sensitive. These crabs carry their homes on their backs, and they prioritise setting up a safe and comforting space wherever they go. In this case, it could make sense for home decor or products like candles or cozy pyjamas and slippers to target this sign.




Leos are incredibly outgoing and very charming. They love to be the centre of attention. They are natural leaders and like to be admired and receive praise from others. Camera gadgets that allow them to bask in the spotlight and strategy games that let them show off their leadership skills could work well with this sign.



Virgos can be very analytical and have a very methodological approach to life. They are very hardworking and value efficiency and productivity. Accessories that help to assist this could do well when targeted at this sign, whether it’s something for the work-from-home set up, or high-tech coffee machines to kick-start their busy days.



Libra is an air sign represented by the scales. They like to achieve balance and strive to create equilibrium in all areas of life. Libras thrive when they have harmonious partnerships and have art, culture and beauty in their lives. They like to nurture others but also look after themselves – so products that could fit in with their pampering routine could appeal to this demographic, as well as nice clothes and accessories. 



Scorpios are bold and assertive people. They are confident leaders and are determined and decisive, but can also be sensitive and intense. For this reason, fantasy might seem safer for them than the real world, so products in this category such as games could be a compatible fit. This demographic might seem like a hard sell at first, but they can be one of the most loyal of the signs, so once you get through the harsh exterior, it will be worth it. 



Those born under this sign possess a great sense of humour and are very curious about the world. They have a reputation for being great philosophers, and they like to travel and explore different approaches to life. Travel-related products could do well when geared towards these globe-trotters.



Capricorns are incredibly ambitious yet pragmatic. They might have big goals but at the same time they are patient with themselves and like to take things step-by-step. They are responsible creatures and like to fix things, so if you’re marketing products that are to do with DIY like tool kits or even crafty supplies, you would do well to aim for this sign.



The Aquarius-born are often eccentric and energetic. They love educating others and are great at problem-solving. At the same time, they value time alone and like to be stimulated mentally. Puzzle games can do well with those born under this sign as well as books or classes that help them expand their skillset. In December we entered the Age of Aquarius with the rare alignment of Jupiter and Saturn, so now is a great time to target.



Pisces are very compassionate and in touch with their emotions. They are often very creative and artistically talented. Their ruling planet is Neptune, which is connected to music – which means that instruments or anything within this field could have a huge impact when directed at this sign.


We hope that if you’ve got this far that you’ve realised that this is an April’s Fool joke. That’s not to say that we don’t have effective methods of targeting your ideal audience though!


If you’d like to learn more about our data-driven creator marketing model, book a call with one of our experts.