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Put Your Influencer Marketing on Autopilot

Recent announcements

We are doing it again! Matchmade is announcing a new and better way of doing influencer marketing, the Autopilot campaigns. But before digging deeper, let’s recap a little bit on what’s been happening in Matchmade recently. As you might already know, we recently launched official support for non-gaming apps and expanded our supported channel set to include non-gaming channels. The launch of the support for non-gaming apps and channels came just as we were celebrating our 3rd anniversary at Matchmade. These are big milestones for us, but we wanted to go a step beyond that and announce yet another innovation to the influencer marketing space.

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Turn on the autopilot, lay back and enjoy the ride

We know that managing multiple influencer marketing campaigns can be painful. Dealing with negotiations, selecting the influencers, making sure the videos published meet your requirements and expectations can be daunting when you’re dealing with high volumes of videos or if you are new to influencer marketing. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’re releasing our beta version of the Autopilot.

We want to make your campaign management as easy as it can be, and that’s exactly what Autopilot campaigns do. Matchmade will take care of your Autopilot campaigns end-to-end, from the influencer selection all the way until the video has been published and reviewed. Your budget will be automatically optimised based on parameters we set with you. We use a data-driven approach to select the influencers that best match your game or app, we do the negotiations with the influencers and our team of experts review the videos to make sure it matches your brand expectations and contains all the necessary items to make your campaign successful.

This new feature is relevant for you either if you’re an influencer marketing veteran or if you’re new to influencer marketing and just testing it out. We put all our expertise on influencer marketing at your disposal so you can turn on the autopilot mode. Lay back and enjoy the ride because we’ll make the best out of your influencer marketing campaign.


What’s next

You can already start creating Autopilot campaigns on Matchmade today. It’s very easy: log into our platform and create a campaign using the Autopilot toggle you’ll find on the first screen. Once the autopilot campaign is created, you’ll be able to see real-time analytics on how it is performing and the list of channels and videos that are participating in your campaign.


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