Supercell’s Brawl Stars: the Next #1 Mobile Game on Youtube

Last month, Supercell released their most anticipated mobile game, Brawl Stars, to the world. Living up to its buzz, the game already grossed $5.1 million AND gained more than 9.5 million iOS and Android installs in its opening week. As of today, it has racked up over $63 million, generated 180 million views, and boasted 3455 videos on YouTube.

We did a data analysis on the game’s performance on YouTube in the first 30 days since launch (December 12), and compared it to how Supercell’s Clash Royale performed in the same time frame — as it was once the top grossing mobile game in the world. We then did a similar analysis of Brawl Stars and 4 top mobile games (Clash of Clans, Granny, Pokemon Go, and Arena of Valor). After that, we compared the performance of this mobile hit to 3 other battle royale games (Fortnite, PUBG, and Rules of Survival).

As a result, our findings suggest that Brawl Stars does have the potential to become the next number 1 mobile game on YouTube.

The data is brought to you by Matchmade, the intelligent influencer marketing platform. Every few minutes, we analyze all gaming-related channels and videos on YouTube and Twitch. That’s over 3.8 million channels, 371 million videos on YouTube, 15 million streams on Twitch, and 26 000 games.

Data disclaimer: The data we provide is based on the latest video view count and number of videos that could have accumulated at any given point.


Brawl Stars vs Clash Royale


We began our data dive by comparing the performance of Brawl Stars on YouTube in its first 30 days to how Clash Royale performed in the similar time frame. According to the Matchmade platform, Clash Royale reached 394 million views and 2949 videos in its first 30 days. As for Brawl Stars, it hit 172 million views and 3227 videos.


However, although the graphs indicate that Clash Royale’s viewership is significantly higher than Brawl Stars’, they also show there are more videos related to Brawl Stars on YouTube than Clash Royale. We speculate that this was due to the number of content creators that have already dedicated their channels to Brawl Stars before the game’s official global release (Supercell released the beta version back in June 2017).

Brawl Stars vs Other Top Mobile Games

When we compared the game to how 4 other top mobile hits performed on YouTube in their first 30 days, the results revealed that Brawl Stars is leading with 172 million views and 3227 YouTube videos. According to the graphs, this mobile hit has surpassed Supercell’s Clash of Clans and Dvloper’s Granny by over 118 million and 120 million views respectively. As a result, these two games come in second and third place with the following numbers below:

  • Clash of Clans: 53.5 million views and 295 videos
  • Granny:  51.8 million views and 175 videos

Niantic’s Pokemon Go is in fourth with 35.7 million views and 254 videos on YouTube, and is followed by Tencent’ Arena of Valor with 17.1 million views and 103 videos.


Brawl Stars vs Other Battle Royale Games

Since this mobile hit has a battle royale mode, we continued our data dive by comparing its performance to 3 other popular battle royale games on YouTube 30 days since launch. Our findings suggest, despite being big on mobile, Brawl Stars only comes in third when compared to other battle royale games.

In the graphs above, PUBG is the leading battle royale game with 689 million views and 9500 videos. Fortnite (based on how it performed 30 days since its battle royale mode launch) is in second place with 492 million views and 3858 videos. Brawl Stars and Rules of Survival then take third and fourth place with the following number of views and videos:

  • Brawl Stars: 172 million views and 3227 videos
  • Rules of Survival: 41.4 million views and 542 videos

More importantly, the data available indicates that PUBG has 4 times more views than Brawl Stars, and  Fortnite (after its battle royale launch) has 2.8 times more viewership than the title on YouTube.


So, why is this happening?

  • The games industry and players have been waiting for Brawl Stars since its announcement in this YouTube livestream in June 2017. The hype for the game has been around, and content has been available on YouTube well in advance of their launch — upping the numbers we see today.
  • The previous game Supercell launched was Clash Royale on March 2nd 2016 (global release). Ever since, mobile gamers have eagerly been looking forward to the studio’s next title. Supercell is known for launching high-quality games that are super successful. No wonder influencers are keen to hop on the “next big thing” in hopes of growing their own subscriber base.
  • Lack of mobile games. Viewership of mobile games on YouTube has generally been on a steady decline (except for PUBG mobile). It’s no surprise content-creators are hungry for more great mobile games that people want to watch.


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