Top 9 Gaming Influencers on YouTube

We’re back with another update on the fastest growing YouTubers — this time, we analysed the subscriber growth of multiple large, medium, and small YouTube channels that had been soaring in popularity from November of last year to January of this year.

Without further ado, here are the results of the 9 gaming influencers with the fastest growing YouTube channels in the aforementioned time frame.

Similar to what we’ve done in our previous posts: We separated the influencers into 3 categories (large, medium and small), and examined the number of subscribers they had at the start of November. We then selected the 3 influencers from each category, based on the number of subscribers they had by the end of January. As a result, the channels with the most growth made the list.

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Large Channels: 1M+ subs in November

Big congratulations to the Portuguese speaking YouTuber, Piuzinho, for having the fastest growing large sized YouTube channel between November of last year and January. Within a short 3 months, his subscriber count increased by almost 2M. As for Dyland PROS and LazarBeam (congrats on making the list again), they each gained at least 1M within the same time frame as well. Interestingly, two of the YouTube gamers below are Garena Free Fire enthusiasts.

The data below is based on publicly available subscriber numbers on YouTube.

  1. Piuzinho
    • Subs:  4.7M (November 18: 2.6M)
    • Growth: 44%
    • Game: Garena Free Fire
    • Language: Portuguese
  2. Dyland PROS
    • Subs: 2.9M (November 18: 1.9M)
    • Growth: 39%
    • Game: Garena Free Fire/Variety
    • Language: Indonesian
  3. LazarBeam
    • Subs: 8.6M (November 18: 6.6M)
    • Growth: 24%
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: English


Medium Channels: 500K – 1M subs in November

The fastest growing medium sized YouTubers below are a bit different than the ones we’ve seen in the past as the subscriber count of these 3 channels were in the medium range in November 2018. However, by the end of January, all of their subscriber count has similarly reached the size range of large channels. For instance, Dynamo Gaming’s subscriber count was only 418K in November. And, by the end of January, he reached a total of 2M subscribers (a growth rate of 337%). It is interesting to see that the top channel in this category also features a battle royale game that is not Fortnite — PUBG in this case.

The data below is based on publicly available subscriber numbers on YouTube.

  1. Dynamo Gaming
    • Subs: 2.3M (November 18: 418K)
    • Growth: 337%
    • Game: PUBG
    • Language: English
  2. Rodrigo F Gamer Respeita
    • Subs: 2.7M (November 18: 571K)
    • Growth: 304%
    • Game: Garena Free Fire
    • Language: Portuguese
  3. Dan OMG – Minecraft
    • Subs: 1.6M (November 18: 569K)
    • Growth: 142%
    • Game: Minecraft
    • Language: English


Small Channels: 5 – 100K subs in November

There are two main explanations for why small channels often grow the most among the 3 categories. The first is that increasing the size of your channel becomes more difficult when you have a huge subscriber base (e.g. 18M subs). The second is that novelty fades away after a while, especially when there are so many gaming channels available to watch each day, and viewers tend to enjoy seeing new games and fresh faces. The three channels below have grown over 1000% in 3 months, and almost have to jump over to the medium category. The one to keep an eye out for this time is TPOC Plays as their subscriber base has grown by 3454% since November 2018. This channel features Roblox gameplays by the familiar duo, Stef and Pherenike from Two Players One Console and Stef&Phere. It seems like the Italian-speaking duo has had experience in growing YouTube channels as their two other channels have 1.5M and 738K subscribers respectively. 

The data below is based on publicly available subscriber numbers on YouTube.

  1. TPOC Plays
    • Subs: 372K (November 18: 9K)
    • Growth: 3454%
    • Game: Roblox/Minecraft
    • Language: Italian
  2. Dirty Noob – Minecraft
    • Subs: 553K (November 18: 21K)
    • Growth: 1677%
    • Game: Minecraft
    • Language: English
  3. Sainty
    • Subs: 344K (November 18: 21.8K)
    • Growth: 1337%
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: English


  • The top gaming YouTuber for almost all 3 categories is non-English speaking. It’s always great to see more and more channels in languages other than English are soaring in popularity. Massive shout out to Piuzinho (Portuguese) and TPOC Players (Italian).
  • Another battle royale game (in this case, Garena Free Fire) has been winning the hearts of many gaming YouTubers… at least the ones in LATAM communities.
  • With TPOC Plays as the leading fastest growing small sized YouTube channel this time around, it would be interesting to see if more YouTube duos are on the rise.

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