Top 9 Gaming YouTubers from July to September

Have you been wondering who made it as one of the biggest and fastest growing YouTubers lately? Here are the top 9 picks from the results of our data dive into the different large, medium, and small YouTube channels with skyrocketing subscriber growth between July and September.

You know the drill: We’ve split the YouTubers into 3 categories: large, medium as well as small, and looked at the number of subscribers they had in the beginning of July. We’ve then selected the 3 top influencers from each category, based on the number of subscribers they had by the end of September. The channels with the most growth are the ones that made the list.

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Large Channels: 1M+ subs in July

Massive shout out to LazarBeam (ahem, another Fortnite pro — p.s. season 6 started a couple of days ago) for starting with only 2.6M subscribers in July, AND gaining almost 3M more subscribers by the end of September. It has also been a great last few months for Daequan Loco and Chad Wild Clay (both are Fortnite pros), as they each gained almost an additional 1 million subscribers during this period. The below data is based on publicly available subscriber numbers on YouTube.

  1. LazarBeam
    • Subs:  5.4M (July’18: 2.6M)
    • Growth: 98%
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: English
  2. Daequan Loco
    • Subs: 3.9M (July ‘18: 2.6M)
    • Growth: 42%
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: English
  3. Chad Wild Clay
    • Subs: 4.6M (July’18: 3.5M)
    • Growth: 25%
    • Game: Variety
    • Language: English


Medium Channels: 500K – 1M subs in July

Great news for MarkiLokuras! This non-English speaking YouTuber has the fastest growing medium sized channel this time around, with a 122% growth rate in 3 short months. Also, congrats to RT Game for gaining almost over 500K subscribers within such a short period of time. It is interesting to see that more and more medium sized channels are trending because of non-Fortnite related content. The below data is based on publicly available subscriber numbers on YouTube.

  1. MarkiLokuras
    • Subs: 394K (July ‘18: 174K)
    • Growth: 122%
    • Game: Fortnite/Minecraft
    • Language: Spanish
  2. RT Game
    • Subs: 844K (July ‘18: 348K)
    • Growth: 121%
    • Game: Team Fortress 2/Sims
    • Language: English
  3. BeastBoyShub
    • Subs: 369K (July ’18: 174K)
    • Growth: 110%
    • Game: Mix of Different Horror Games/PUBG
    • Language: English

Small Channels: 5-100K subs in July

Small channels usually grow the most out of the 3 categories mainly for two reasons. First, it becomes more difficult and longer to further increase the size of your channel if you already have a huge subscriber base (e.g. 18M subs). Second, it is the novelty factor as many viewers like to see new games and fresh faces!  Two of the channels below have grown over 1000% in 3 months, almost jumping over to the medium category but the one to watch out for this round is Kronten Gaming. Their subscriber base has grown by 1872%, and there is not much doubt that they will keep growing. Instead of Fortnite, this channel posts exciting videos about PUBG (with the most popular one teaching viewers how to get flare guns). It is safe to say that Fortnite is also not as popular among small channels as it had been in the past! What are your thoughts? The below data is based on publicly available subscriber numbers on YouTube.

  1. Kronten Gaming
    • Subs: 149K (July ‘18: 6353)
    • Growth: 1872%
    • Game: PUBG
    • Language: English
  2. Dicas Do Trax
    • Subs: 159K (July ‘18: 6684)
    • Growth: 1841%
    • Game: Free Fire – Battlegrounds
    • Language: Portuguese
  3. Banuyc – Minecraft
    • Subs: 105K (July’ 18: 18K)
    • Growth: 470%
    • Game: Minecraft
    • Language: English


The previous posts have featured exclusively Fortnite influencers, but this month, PUBG, Free Fire — Battlegrounds, and Minecraft have entered the picture. It looks like viewers have found their favorite Fortniters, and growth isn’t as aggressive as it has been in the past months, especially when looking at small channels.