what is influencer marketing

What is Influencer Marketing

Updated 9th December 2019

Influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly popular channel that marketers implement, and incorporate into their overarching marketing strategy. Did you know, it has been estimated that the industry is set to reach $10 billion by 2020?

But, what is influencer marketing, really? Why are more and more marketers following suit? We have put together a two pager to go over the basics. We hope you enjoy:

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What is Influencer Marketing?

The act of paying social media influencers, like YouTubers, Twitch broadcasters or Instagram influencers, to review and/or promote your company or product.

What it is not?

Ads: influencer marketing isn’t the act of placing scripted, produced and optimized ads in a YouTube or Twitch pre-roll or IG feed. This is about CONTENT, letting the influencers express in their own words.

PR: earned media is separate thing, where money rarely changes hands. Don’t expect influencers to feature your product for free.

Pure UA: testing and optimizing look different in influencer marketing, and you can’t instantly switch off campaigns.


Influencers have a much bigger impact on intent-to-buy than “traditional” celebrities

Influencers feel authentic – they’ve built their audiences by being influencers, not as a byproduct of e.g. being a singe

Millennials relate to influencers and trust them

Consumers tune in: the audiences of influencers WANT to see the content they create, whereas they don’t want to see ads. In the US alone, over a quarter of internet-users have ad-blockers

Influencers usually only accept paid promotions from companies and products that they actually enjoy

Influencers usually only accept paid promotions from companies and products that they actually enjoy

Influencer marketing works for building awareness and generating installs



Relevancy: find influencers whose content match your product – and your product is interesting for their audience

Reach out: email, twitter, whatsapp the influencers with personalized messages

Track: remember your tracking to measure ROI

Ask for their feedback: do they like your product?

Negotiate: agree on sponsorship amount and terms of the deal

Estimate impact: look at average viewership from the past 30 days, not at subs


Vocabulary to know:

Dedicated: influencer makes content about your game or product only.
Integrated: influencer includes a clip of your game as part of a video/stream featuring other


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