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Why Game Advertisers Need to Work More With Small Creators

In the latest episode of Matchmade Talks, Jan Kuhlmann from Xsolla joined the show to discuss his experience working with creators at his past company Ubisoft. With years of experience in marketing on titles such as Far Cry and the Anno series, Jan has a wealth of knowledge on how to effectively work with content creators.

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One of the main takeaways from the episode for game advertisers was the importance of working with smaller content creators, such as micro-influencers. Jan also provided examples of creator promotion strategies that have been successful for him in the past.

While bigger creators can also be very successful for promoting games from mobile to console and PC, they are more commercially oriented which doesn’t resonate with everyone. While they do have bigger reach individually, working with a number of smaller creators can often achieve the same level of reach.

Jan highlighted a few reasons why smaller influencers can be very effective for game advertisers. First of all, smaller content creators are often very passionate and authentic, which often works extremely well for promoting games. Second, they tend to have a more engaged and dedicated audience in general.

Another key aspect of working with creators was providing value to the creators themselves. Jan emphasized how brands need to understand how they can play a crucial role in building up the credibility of smaller content creators and thus help them stand out from the crowd.

A few examples of providing value to creators included providing them with access to exclusive content and products – whether in the form of limited edition physical goods or digital items in-game.

The episode concluded with Jan highlighting the key learnings from his experience working with creators.

He emphasized the importance of understanding the needs of creators, understanding that creators bring the best results in the long run, and that advertisers do not need to rely on big names to make influencer marketing work for them.

If you’re a marketer looking to work with creators, this episode was a must-watch!


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