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We’re a team of 26 professionals shaping the future of the fastest growing new media. We come from diverse backgrounds from around the world. We treat each other like adults, but aren’t too serious about it.


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26 people strong

Small but mighty (and growing!)


13 Nationalities

Practice your language skills with our international team.

38% Women

Equality and diversity are a thing, and very important to us.

3 Regular office dogs

Meet Bricor, Friida and Tahvo. They are friendly and fluffy.

Location, location, location

We currently have offices in 3 of the coolest cities in the world. We continue to expand into new countries.

Helsinki: HQ

Rated as one of the top 10 cities in the world to live in, the capital of Finland is a vibrant tech-hub with free schools and daycare, clean air, parks, and cheap museums. Plenty of peace and quiet, but also the highest count of bars per capita should you want to let the good times roll.


The capital of Germany, probably the coziest city in the world, boasts a milder climate than Helsinki and also endless amounts of culture, arts, entertainment and nightlife. Affordable, family friendly and fun.

Los Angeles

The home of Hollywood, Kings and Lakers. Amazing nature, restaurants and surrounded by the Ocean.

Matchmade offices

Visit Our Helsinki Office

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Our people


The reigning Finnish Guitar Hero champion

Jiri Kupiainen CEO

Outrunning a giant German Shepherd at the tender age of 4

Valerie Makanda Senior Talent Manager

Accidentally got bit by a dog

Leo Lännenmäki CTO

Once lost a scuba fin to a clever monkey

Eeva Hattara CFO

I bungee jumped without a parachute and survived

Mirza Hasanzade Head of Account Management

Awarded worst French cook of the year

Myriam Bedioui Influencer Relations Manager

Hur dur herp derp

Mika Pätiälä Director of Business Development

Spent few months as a child believing I was a chimpanzee

Natalie Turner Business Development Manager

I have dreams in Japanese but I don't get them

Antonin Vial Senior Customer Success Manager

Professional wine taster

Hannah Fröjd Senior Influencer Relations Manager

Happy nihilist

Paula Räisänen Lead Data Scientist

Thinks 5 bicycles is too few

Jyri Konttinen UX/UI designer

The worst loser

Panu Paljakka COO

Jumped from an airplane alone

Heikki Puska Marketing Manager

I once found a needle in a haystack

Xavi Magrinyà Full-stack developer

Started my first company when I was 7

Lauri Hynynen Product Lead

Can't use chopsticks

Tan Nguyen Full-stack developer

I have not failed. I've just found 10000 ways that won't work

Niko Ahonen Senior Data Scientist

I had 45 hamsters at school

Igor Turko Full-stack Developer

If Gang Beasts had a world championship, I’d probably win it

Paavo Peltonen Full-stack developer

Can play 12-string guitar with only 10 fingers

Alexei Mikhailov Full-stack Developer

Hola amigos

Bricor Head of Morale

Making even the grumpiest of people smile

Kuutti Original office doggo
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Working at Matchmade


Stock options

Every team member gets to participate in our stock options program. The company’s success should be your success.


We offer a high degree of freedom when it comes to working location or hours. The guiding principle is “just don’t let your team down.”

Health coverage

Our health insurance covers almost everything you can think of. And you can also take time off if a family member is sick.

5 weeks of vacation

…or more. Every year.

Free public transit

Berlin, Helsinki and San Francisco have great public transit systems, so let’s use them. We pay for your monthly pass.


Monthly allowance for culture and sports, and a tax break on lunch money.

Quality of life

Our home cities offer great quality of life. Whether it’s family life or nightlife, we got you covered.

Travel (if you want)

For our Europe-based team, it’s a less than two hour flight time to pop in to meet your colleagues. For our US-folks we offer regular trips to meet the rest of us in Europe.


We donate to Atmosfair to offset all business travel emissions. And yeah, we also recycle.

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