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1.4M Installs delivered

756M Subscriber reach

11 Tracking integrations

Craft Away!

Over 200k installs to Futureplay’s games (and counting). Craft Away became a top 10 trending game in several countries. A…

+5490% Organic install rate
200K+ Installs
7 Countries Top trending game
Craft Away!
what the hen

What the hen!

How to triple your KPIs by working with influencers

+92% ARPU
+231% Free to paying conversion
+100% D1 Retention
+182% D7 Retention
What the hen!

Siege: Titan Wars

Do influencer marketing campaigns and mobile games in soft launch mix? See how Tilting point did it witch Matchmade.  

30.5% Click to install ratio
245% Organic uplift
1224 → 192 Rise in app store ranking
0 Complaints about game not being available
Siege: Titan Wars

Build Away!

Learn how Futureplay reached their goals and see why they’ve decided to work with Matchmade also on all their future…

4.3M Subscribers
730K Total views
42K+ Total installs
110% Organic uplift
Build Away!

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The Craft Away video we did with Matchmade and JuegaGerman brought us as many users as a day of premium App Store featuring with a fraction of the effort.
Camilo Fitzgerald Marketing/Analytics @ Futureplay


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