Nordeus had already been working with big YouTubers to promote its football game Top Eleven. But first-time acquisition manager Goran wanted something more scalable to reach even bigger audiences, that was just as easy to maintain as other UA channels. After being recommended by a trusted Slack community, he turned to Matchmade for help.

35K Installs

“There’s a limited supply of ‘star’ creators. For Top Eleven, it’s clear that the target audience are football fans, yet there is a limited supply of big channels in this category. With smaller channels, there are not only more of them to work with, but their conversions can be much higher. With tight-knit followings and often a low amount of sponsorships, they have their audience’s trust.”

Goran Stojanović User Acquisition Manager

Campaign challenge

Nordeus had already been using a number of performance marketing platforms such as Google, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and Unity, to acquire new users en masse. 

They wanted to scale their efforts with YouTubers in a similar manner, but were concerned about the time it would take sourcing, negotiating and reviewing such a large volume of creators on a global scale.


After reviewing the challenges and opportunities for Top Eleven, we recommended that Nordeus try out our framework to make the most of their user acquisition.

A simple three-step process allowed them to scale beyond a few hand-picked channels. 

Step 1: Test – Be open to testing with broad targeting to validate the first assumption

Step 2: Identify & scale– Identify the targeting that has potential, and scale it at a higher volume  

Step 3: Repeat – Keep exploring with open targeting while scaling the working ones on a monthly basis. 


By leveraging the three-step framework, we managed to maximize the reach without compromising on overall effort, helping Goran focus on the bigger picture of UA across multiple channels. 

Experimenting with different targeting was integral. It can never be certain what does or doesn’t work – therefore it makes sense to keep spending outside of the most profitable targeting to learn more. As a result, Nordeus was able to widen the pool and prevent running out of creators for future campaigns, and also discovered ‘hidden gems’ that they could rehire.

Over the course of the three campaigns, the installs increased from 2,000 to 14,000. Meanwhile the CPI decreased considerably – from $5 to 0.80.