Revolut is a financial app that allows you to exchange money with no hidden fees. Buy Crypto, gold and trade stock from $1, and manage your money with spending analytics. With now over 10 million Revolut customers and new markets opening all the time, it can be hard to understand the share of voice in the market and acquire new users. Matchmade worked with Revolut to achieve both of these, by combining Instagram and YouTube.

84K Engagements
UK Targeted country
8 Creators
2 Social platforms

We worked with Matchmade to help us understand our share of voice on YouTube. Using their data driven approach we built an always on strategy combining YouTube and Instagram. The results exceeded our initial expectations in terms of brand awareness. Plus they were great to work with.

Ryan Thorpe Senior Growth Marketing

Competitive landscape approach

Using our data research technology we were able to measure the share of voice on YouTube of Revolut in the UK.

After first establishing the share of voice from previous months compared with competitors, we were then able to calculate the amount of reach needed to increase it month on month. This really helped to guide Revoluts strategy. 

Adding Instagram to the mix

We were extremely excited to have Revolut as one of the first customers to work with our new Instagram feature. Hiring both Instagram and YouTube content creators allowed us optimize performance and brand awareness. Instagram stories with a swipe feature allow Instagram to be performance driven, whilst static posts can bring brand awareness. 


We delivered 67% more views than what the goal was. Revolut share of voice grew by 43% between the month of March and the month of April. 

We are really pleased to work with Matchmade, a great influencer marketing platform with both data-driven & human approach towards this really complex industry

Andreas Kapsos Marketing & Communications Manager

Campaign content examples

If you want to see some examples of content that was published during the campaign check out the links below