Content creator FAQ

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For content creators like you, we offer an easy to use marketplace for sponsored deals. You may have heard of us through word-of-mouth, or we might have identified your channel as a match for an ad campaign and reached out to you via email.

You are offered the opportunity to work with an advertiser if we think your audience demographics suit what they are looking for. Then, all you have to do is sign up for the platform if you haven’t already, and make your offer!

If an advertiser accepts your offer, you will be sent a brief detailing the requirements and wishes of the advertising campaign and the content you will produce for them. Our campaign managers are available to assist you with any questions.

In return for all of this, we receive a small commission from the deal you strike. This is paid by the advertiser, meaning Matchmade is completely free for creators!

We work hard to maintain a steady flow of campaigns, and we’re proud to help you promote products that we know your audience will love!

We ask that you sign up with your Google account, so that we can verify your email address and your name. In addition, we would need to have a look at your channel demographics and  analytics to match you with campaigns that would suit you and your audience. You can familiarize yourself with these settings and learn how to change them via YouTube here.

You don’t need a contract for every separate deal. Once you accept the Matchmade terms and services, you’re good! If you want to review the terms, you can find them here.

The terms of service provides protection for both yourself, and the advertiser. Working through Matchmade means that a deal is a deal. You agree to produce content according to the campaign brief and instructions, and the advertiser agrees to approve content which fulfills those conditions. This is legally binding on both sides.

Yep! Each sponsorship proposal requires you to confirm your interest and agree to do the campaign before it gets off the ground. If you’re not feeling it, that’s fine. You’re only ever obliged to produce content for a deal you agree to. Even if your account is completely inactive for years, that’s fine with us!

As described above, you can simply take a break and not engage if a sponsorship is offered to you. This keeps your account active, so that we can keep you informed of other campaigns which you might be more interested in.

If you’d like to leave altogether, we’d be very sorry to see you go! By request, we will remove your account and delete your personal data without undue delay. Please send a support request form and indicate that you would like your data removed. Be sure to also remove us as limited viewers from your YouTube account settings.


Nope! As long as we are set as “limited viewers” in your account settings, we can’t see revenue data of any kind.

We take your privacy and data very seriously and are committed to protecting your personal information. Your information is used only for the express purpose of doing business with you. We are an EU-based company and thus, we abide by the strict data privacy rules in the EU.

For more information, please check our privacy policy and terms of service.

Questions? Please feel free to write to us through the support widget on our knowledge base.