Content creator FAQ



Creator marketing is the act of collaborating with creators (like YouTubers or Instagram creators) to review or promote an advertiser’s company or product.

For content creators, we offer an easy-to-approach marketplace for sponsored deals. We take no monthly fee, but a small cut from the transaction. We pride ourselves in offering a steady flow of campaigns from products we know your audience will enjoy.

We send you email notifications when advertisers are interested in working with you or send you a direct message. No Spam.

We ask you to login with your Google account, so that we can get your email and name. Additionally, we ask for 2 different view-only accesses to your YouTube account:

View your YouTube account

View YouTube Analytics reports for your YouTube content.

This allows us to periodically view your YouTube analytics and update your profile on Matchmade to fit you with matching campaigns.

You don’t need a contract for every separate deal. Once you accept the Matchmade terms and services, you’re good. If you want to review the terms, you can read them before signing up or anytime on the platform from the top right corner. Just reach out to for more information.

Yes of course! Matchmade is fully voluntary, and our main focus is to help creators like you grow their business and channel. We’ll be sad to see you go, but you can always come back and join the platform.


If you want to go forward with the proposed promotion, sign up to Matchmade and send in your offer. You will find all information regarding this, as well as other campaigns, on Matchmade,

A dedicated video is one where you create a full video revolving around the promoted product.

An integrated video is one where you integrate a short shoutout about the promoted product within your next video, usually lasting about 30-90 seconds.


For those who reside within EU, we use SEPA bank transfer for payments. We will need your IBAN / BIC information. You can get this information from your bank.

For those who reside outside of the EU, we use SWIFT payment (Wire transfer). This will require you to provide us with your name and address, as well as your account number and your bank’s SWIFT code, bank name and bank address.

We send out payments 30 days after the video published date. This is so that we can confirm and close any tracking/attribution related payments like CPM or CPI style payments. This also applies to fixed-fee deals.

However, please note that if you haven’t filled out your personal information and payment details, the delivery of your payment will be delayed until the information is filled in your profile.

Please make sure that you get your manager to sign up on the platform first, and that she/he confirms the connection to your youtube channel.

From then on we can proceed via an invoice sent to your responsible campaign manager.


We take your privacy and data very seriously and are committed to protecting your personal information. We are an EU-based company and thus abide by the strict data privacy rules in the EU.

For more information, please check our privacy policy and terms of service.

We ask for two different view-only accesses to your YouTube account:

View your YouTube account

View YouTube Analytics reports for your YouTube content.

These allow us to VIEW your last 30 days audience analytics of your account. We use this data to better match you with campaigns that fit YOUR audience.

Nope! We don’t see those numbers!

Questions? Please feel free to drop us a message.