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Grow your audience with relevant sponsorships. Sign up to our platform and you’ll be offered the best sponsorship deals for your channel based on your audience. No annoying ads, just content your audience loves.

We make everything straightforward with a one-step application process directly through the brand and a single contract for all your sponsorships without exclusivities. Start right away!

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I’ve worked with Matchmade for nearly 4 years and it’s been nothing short of a smooth, intuitive experience to handle brand deals. There hasn’t been a need to manage contracts and negotiations outside of the platform, and it’s always been a straight forward payout process upon completion of the work. The folks at Matchmade also reply quickly if there’s anything the creator or brand ever need. Here’s to many more years of working together!

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Simple, transparent payments

Get paid the full amount you earned with no surprises!

With Matchmade you don’t need to send a single invoice. Instead, we’ll pay you everything you earn in one bank transfer.

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Get the support you need to live off your channel, without the hassle. Our platform enables you to keep creating great content without the business side eating up your time.

No more confusing email exchanges, you can reach our expert team fast through our in-app chat.

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