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Launch, test and scale YouTube sponsorships effortlessly with Express Campaigns


Content, not ads

Your brand is the focus of a 30 second sponsorship section integrated right into the creators’ YouTube videos.

Not an ad that gets skipped.


You control the spend

We never exceed your campaign budget, and automatically price sponsorships based on audience and performance.

You’re only charged once content is live.


Get started in minutes

Campaign creation takes a few minutes and your campaign will be reviewed and go live in one working day.

Content goes live within 3-7 days.

Creating your first campaign

1. Sign up to Matchmade Express Campaigns with your Google account

2. Enter the basic details of your product & select your ideal audience.

3. Create a brief by entering your main selling points, call to action and upload a few image or video assets.

4. Set your budget and create the campaign. We’ll review it to make sure everything is in order and pick the best creators from our database of 9.2M creators.

5. We’ll notify you when the campaign is live and whenever new content is published. You’ll be able to track the results and we’ll charge your credit card as content gets delivered.

See it in action

Example sponsorships

  • Family & Parenting (English)
  • Home & Garden (English)
  • Pets (English)
  • Gaming (French)
  • Gaming (Portuguese)
  • Gaming (Spanish)

Frequently Asked Questions

We track and report the campaign’s views and clicks in realtime. If you want, you can use an AppsFlyer OneLink, Adjust Universal link, or some other tracking link to track conversions at your end.

The sponsorships are 30 second integrations done by the creators themselves as a part of their regular content. They will use the talking points and assets provided by you to create these sections.

We track over 9.2 million channels and have analyzed over 1.3 billion pieces of content over the last five years. Because of this, we’re able to quickly identify channels that have the right audience and create the right kind of content, as well as forecast how their next piece of content will perform and calculate an appropriate market rate for their work.

No. Express Campaigns is a great low-risk way to get familiar with creator marketing.

When you create a campaign, you’ll be shown a CPM range for the selected targeting that will apply to the campaign. As we allocate the budget to different creators, we calculate a fee for each one of them based on their typical performance and their exact audience split.

We automatically make sure you get at least 10, but depending on your budget, potentially hundreds of sponsorships. Specifically, the maximum cost of any single sponsorship is capped to 10% of the total budget.

Every sponsorship will include a link to your App Store page, Google Play page, web site, and / or tracking link. You can also include a QR code in the assets!

Matchmade is the main source of income for most creators we work with. In our five years of running campaigns, we’ve had to request less than 0.1% of content to be removed after posting. However, if you are concerned, all you need to do is contact us and we’ll review the content in question & take appropriate action immediately!

We’ve been running large monthly campaigns with big brands for five years now, specifically focusing on building a scalable, repeatable & predictable way of working with small and midsize creators. Express Campaigns is just a new frontend to these capabilities, everything underneath is the same!

Express Campaigns is a great tool for trying out different targetings or creative ideas, and we hope you’ll keep exploring after your first campaign. We also have the ability to scale budgets from $500 a month to $500k per month, and would be happy to help with that once you’re excited about the results of your Express Campaigns.

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