Influencer FAQ




Influencer marketing is the act of hiring social influencers (like YouTubers, Twitch broadcasters or Instagram influencers) to review or promote an advertiser’s company or product. Influencers have a much bigger impact on intent-to-buy than “traditional” celebrities, which is why influencer marketing is a rapidly growing marketing channel.

Matchmade is an end-to-end platfrom that uses sophisticated data-analysis to match your product with the most relevant influencers based on who their audience are. For influencers, we offer an easy way to find sponsored deals from products your audience will enjoy.

We send you email notifications when advertisers are interested in working with you or send you a direct message. No Spam.

You should sign up so we can recommend your channel to advertisers, and you can browse existing campaigns on our platform.

You don’t need a contract for every separate deal. Once you accept the Matchmade terms and services, you’re good. If you want a separate contract for each deal, that is doable. Just reach out to for more information.

Of course. Matchmade is fully voluntary, and we are trying to help influencers like you grow their business. We’ll be sad to see you go, but you can always come back and join the platform.



You will receive the tracking link in the confirmation email for the deal. Should you need to use some other link, you will be messaged separately.

Once you’ve sent your video for approval, you will receive an approval message via chat from the advertiser or Matchmade’s campaign manager.

You should send your video for review 3 days before the publishing date.

If you can’t see any campaigns, it is because we currently do not have campaigns targeting the kind of audience your channel has.

You see campaigns which target the kind of audience your channel has.

A dedicated video is one where the full video revolves around the promoted product.

An integrated video is one where you place an integration about the promoted product within the video.

If you miss the review or publishing date of the video, we will do our best to accommodate changes in the schedule. If such changes aren’t possible and the agreed date(s) have been missed, we will have to terminate the deal without compensation.

You don’t need a contract for every separate deal. Once you’ve accepted the Matchmade terms and services, you’re all set.

However, if you want a separate contract for each deal, we can provide this for you. Just reach out to for more information.



The suggested prices are based on your channel’s audience demographics and the average prices we’ve seen for similar audiences.

Cost per install that happens through the tracking link in your video’s description.

Cost per every thousand views that your video generates during the tracking period.


We will send out your payment 30 days after the video has been published. However, please note that if you haven’t filled out your personal information and payment details, the delivery of your payment will be delayed until the information is filled in your profile.

For those who reside within EU, we will use SEPA payment and we will need you IBAN / BIC information. You can get this information from your bank.

For those who reside outside of the EU, we will use SWIFT payment. This will require you to provide us with your account number, SWIFT, and bank address.

For payment related questions, please reach out to us at

Shark Punch Oy is company based in Finland and therefore must fulfill all Finnish legal rules and regulations. The Finnish government implemented a new digital income register in 2019, which requires each company to report all payments that have been sent to individuals. One of the requirements for this, is to report the identification number of the individual receiving the payment. To find out more, please read here.

Please request your agency to send us the invoice of the same payment amount which can be found on the Matchmade platform for your sponsorship agreement.



We take your privacy and data very seriously and are committed to protecting your personal information.

For more information please check our privacy policy and terms of service.

We request viewing rights to some of your channel analytics so that we’re able to match you to a campaign based on your channel’s demographics.

Nope! We don’t see those numbers!