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Matchmade is an easy-to-use platform that brings influencers and advertisers together. We use data to recommend games and products that match your channel, from companies looking to pay for sponsored content. Matchmade is endlessly free to use for influencers. Try it out!  


Sign up Grow your channel with sponsored content. Matchmade is free from now to eternity.

Matchmade platform


Relevant advertisers for your channel

Browse available campaigns on our platform and choose who you work with.

Products your audience will love

We analyse all content on YouTube and Twitch, cross-referenced with over 20 000 games and apps. Our up-to-date data knows what products your audience will enjoy.

Nonstop campaigns

We work with hundreds of advertisers who want to work with influencers. By signing up to our platform, you can browse available campaigns.

You decide

It’s your channel and your business! We recommend advertisers, and it’s up to you to decide who you work with. No strings attached.

Easy campaigns

One place to find, make and manage sponsored content

Just log into Matchmade to easily manage your paid campaigns with multiple advertisers at the same time.

Always available

Browse campaigns 24/7 from trustworthy advertisers whose games and products match your channel.


We make campaign fee recommendations based on your channel’s subscriber base, audience mix and overall engagement. It’s always up to you to approve a deal, make a counter offer, or even decline a campaign.

Know your data

We track campaign performance so you know exactly what results you have delivered. The more you know, the better!

Chat on Matchmade

Communicate efficiently

No more endless streams of emails

Easily communicate with multiple advertisers in one place.

One place to rule them all

Chat with advertisers, read campaign briefs, negotiate deals and more. All on

Automatic notifications

You’ll be the first to know when an advertiser makes an offer, has questions or approves your video. (Or sends a cat video…)

Scale and grow your business

Work with multiple advertisers, products and campaigns in one place. 

Predict your earnings

Know how much $$ you’ll make

We track your deals and the results your content creates to make sure your earnings are accurate. 

Monthly payments

You can work with as many advertisers as you like, and still get a single monthly pay check. No hassle as we sort it all out for you. 

Variety of deals

You can work with advertisers based on fixed fees, CPMs, CPIs, or mixed pricing (fixed fee + CPI, for example).

Data transparency

We support all major tracking providers to accurately track video and stream performance. This way you can see the results you create. 

Work with many companies

No exclusivity

We want to make it easier for you to grow your business. We’re not into long contracts or exclusivity clauses.

Work with multiple campaigns

You don’t have to wait to finish one sponsored campaign to already plan the next one. Pick the campaigns you like on a timeline that best fits your channel.

Multiple channels

Matchmade supports YouTube and Twitch, and we’ll be adding more platforms too. This means you can get paid sponsorships on both YouTube and Twitch.

Agency support

Are you part of an MCN or agency? Cool! Your friends are our friends, and we’re happy to work directly with your agency, manager or you. Email for more. 

Matchmade for managers

Just let your manager use Matchmade for you

We get it: your manager handles the business and you focus on making great content. That’s why we’ve specially designed Matchmade to make it easier for your manager to handle deals, run campaigns and track performance.

Focus on what you love

If content’s your jam, that’s cool! Matchmade allows you to focus on doing what you do best. Just give your manager permission to handle your channel on Matchmade.

Full transparency

You can easily see what campaigns your manager has signed you up for, so you stay in the know.

You’re part of an agency?

Cool. Your friends are our friends. Just email for more information.

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Hey manager!

We also have tools for you, and we’re working on making them the best in the world. If you’d like to learn more and become an early user, please check this out.

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