Instructions from the bankruptcy estate

As of Thursday 21st of September, the company has been entered into bankruptcy proceedings under Finnish law and is under administration, and we will be winding down all operations by October 6th 2023. The bankruptcy estate is exploring the possibility of engaging in operations for an extended period of time after October 6th 2023 and will inform affected parties regarding possible extensions if deemed fit for purpose.

For any and all questions related to open sponsorships, campaigns, invoices or payments, please contact [email protected] (or by mail Asianajotoimisto Fenno Oy, Lönnrotinkatu 11, 00120 Helsinki Finland) to make sure your receivables are included in the bankruptcy proceedings.

  1. In order to receive a distribution share of the bankruptcy estate’s assets, the creditor must make their claim by submitting a letter of lodgement to the bankruptcy estate administrator.
  2. The creditor may submit the letter of lodgement by e-mail or letter.
  3. The letter of lodgement must contain the following information:
  4. the total amount of receivable in EUR €
  5. if the amount of the claim cannot be stated, the reason for this
  6. the basis of the receivable specified (eg invoice copy / order confirmation)
  7. interest accrued on the capital until the commencement of bankruptcy on 21.9.2023, and interest required for the period after the commencement of bankruptcy and other overdue sanctions
  8. the basis for the interest specified and the time for what the interest is being claimed for
  9. whether precedence is claimed and the basis on which the claim is based on
  10. information on the foundation and content of the right of lien, if the creditor has the property of the debtor as a lien on his or her claim. A creditor who wishes to receive a claim on the debtor’s pledged property must announce this to the estate administrator in his or her letter of lodgement.
  11. the name and contact details of the creditor or entity to whom inquiries concerning bankruptcy supervision may be addressed
  12. bank account details to which the bankruptcy estate must pay the distribution share at the end of the bankruptcy proceeding

The creditor must be able to present the estate administrator with proof of contract, commitment or other written evidence which his/her claim are based on.

The minimum duration of a full bankruptcy proceeding is approximately 1.5 years. Any distribution shares will be paid to creditors at the end of the bankruptcy proceeding, after the final settlement is finished.

The bankruptcy administration is not yet in a position to give estimates of the amounts of the shares or issue a separate certificate for tax purposes.

Finnish Bankruptcy Act 120/2004 (ENG)

Support for crucial functionalities of Matchmade platform is guaranteed until 6th Oct 2023.