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Deliver sponsorships that will grow your talents’ channels. Sign up to our platform and we’ll come to you with the best deals for your talents based on their audience.

Both you and your talents can access the campaign details and it’s just a one-step approval process directly with the brand to secure them. To win you even more time all your campaigns will be within a single contract.


A simple tool to manage your entire portfolio

Do away with messy spreadsheets. With Matchmade you can manage all your talents in one simple and intuitive dashboard. And if there’s a campaign that would fit all your talents, you can sign them up in one go.

With our platform it’s also easy to handle all negotiations on their behalf. Take control and unlock their full potential today.

Our team is here to help

Have questions about the deals your talent is working on? Our expert team is ready to help and you can reach us easily through our in-app chat.