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If you already work with creators, we can help you do more – with less manual work. Our automation-enabled service lets you efficiently hire creators of all sizes, from very small to very large, so you can scale user acquisition with creators.


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Intelligent automation πŸ€–

Our tech-enabled solution identifies, reaches out, negotiates, reviews, and pays creators with minimal time and effort. Run campaigns on a mass scale without wasting time and resources on manual tasks.

Concrete results πŸ“ˆ

We measure by the number of views rather than how many (potentially fake) followers a creator has. They have real communities who resonate with their content. This converts into better engagement and conversion rates for your brand through quality creators who are aligned with your product.

Working with Matchmade has enabled us to discover a new, cost-effective user acquisition channel that scales with minimal manual work required from our team. This would not have been possible without their platform.

Patrick User Growth Lead, Yahaha Studios

How it works

We use a simple three-step process to help you reach scalable, continuous results:


Step 1: Test – We test the ground with a wide pool of creators through broad targeting.Β 

Step 2: Identify & scale– After identifying the targeting that has the most potential, we scale it at a higher volume Β 

Step 3: Repeat – We use continuous testing of audiences, creative parameters and more to improve performance further while scaling what works best on a monthly basis.Β 

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Yahaha Studios

games Yahaha 10X creator marketing budgets to supercharge user acquisition

10X Increase in creator marketing budgets in a few months
34% Decrease in CPM while increasing reach
32% CPC improvement
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45 Creators
$25 eCPM
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35K Installs
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App Opera GX

239M+ Views
10+ Countries
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