Case Study: Launching Craft Away! with JuegaGerman and 25 Million subscribers

Posted 2018-01-31

The Craft Away video we did with Matchmade and JuegaGerman brought us as many users as a day of premium App Store featuring with a fraction of the effort.

Camilo Fitzgerald, Marketing/Analytics @ Futureplay
Germán Garmendia
Craft Away!

Game: Craft Away!,
the world’s best incremental idle mining and crafting game by Futureplay. (Check out our earlier Build Away! case study too.)

Influencer: Germán Garmendia, one of the world’s biggest youtubers with his 25M subscriber gaming channel JuegaGerman.

Campaign objectives:
Drive a significant amount of high quality installs in a short period of time to climb up in store rankings for Craft Away’s launch.

Targeting and matching:
Based on good results from earlier campaigns, the campaign targeted relevant influencers from LATAM countries with high install forecasts. Matching was done by the Matchmade platform based on game content relevancy, fan engagement, and country filtering.

Influencer collaboration:
The campaign featured many influencers that performed strongly, but Germán stood out with a high volume of installs and a great quality of users. Futureplay ended up collaborating with Germán on a series of videos about their games.

Over 200k installs to Futureplay’s games (and counting). Craft Away became a top 10 trending game in several countries. A ridiculous boost in organic install rate.

Organic installs chart

Case Study: What the Hen! by Charged Monkey

Posted 2017-05-05

KPI’s for users we got from Matchmade were double or triple of what we’ve seen with organic traffic. Results were so great we had to check our analytics setup for bugs.

Mathieu Zylberait, Marketing Manager @ Charged Monkey
What the Hen!

Game: What the Hen!
A mash-up of Tug-of-war and Collectible card game with a unique cartoonish visual style by Charged Monkey.

Campaign objectives:
Grow the game’s audience in key European markets like Germany, Italy and France by identifying YouTube channels with highly relevant audiences
and offering custom goodies for the influencers’ fans.

Targeting and matching:
Our content matching algorithm identified 50+ influencers with audiences from their target countries that were very likely to enjoy the game.
We also identified highly relevant channels with audiences all around the globe, but it was decided to focus on large European audiences for now.

Influencer collaboration:
Participating influencers were offered the chance to provide a custom in-game greeting and goodies for their fans. This resulted in very positive reactions
and even better in-game metrics from the fans.

Initial results from the campaign were so positive Charged Monkey had to triple-check their analytics setup for bugs (none found.)
Results have stayed strong throughout the campaign, and the customer eventually decided to dedicate a monthly budget to Matchmade and leave the campaign open-ended.
The game rose from rank 200-500 in the strategy section to top 50 as a result of the campaign. All key metrics remain at double or triple compared to organic traffic.



Free-to-paying conversion


D1 retention


D7 retention


Install chart

Case Study: Tilting Point’s soft launch influencer marketing campaign

Posted 2017-04-05

The campaign overperformed all expectations in CTR, CVR, and general download velocity. Installs were equal in quality to organic installs.

Kyle Keller, Influencer Marketing @ Tilting Point
Siege: Titan Wars

Game: Siege: Titan Wars
A real-time strategy game by Tilting Point.

Campaign objectives:
Measure the potential impact of influencer marketing for Siege: Titan Wars ahead of its global launch.
Conducting an influencer marketing campaign while still in soft launch would help
determine how much to budget for influencer marketing during global launch.

To ensure the audience would be able to install the soft launch game, the campaign was limited to Turkish influencers. Influencers in English-speaking countries were considered but excluded due to their global reach.

Our algorithm found 10+ matching
YouTubers from Turkey, from which the best matching ones were picked to stay
within budget. In addition to our content matching algorithm, audience analysis with geographic
targeting was used.

Campaign results exceeded Tilting Point’s expectations for all main metrics, justifying a higher
budget in the global launch campaign. The quality of users was as good or better than organic installs.
The game rose in App Store rankings from #1224 to #192 during the campaign. Each attributed install generated 2.45 additional organic installs.

Click to Install ratio


Rise in App store ranking

1224 → 192

Organic uplift


Complaints about game not being available


Install chart

Build Away! – Influencer Marketing Case Study

Posted 2017-03-20

Matchmade is hands down the best partner we’ve worked
with on influencer marketing. They’ve delivered 10x the installs of all
the other partners we’ve worked with put together, consistently
deliver ROI positive campaigns, and are a pleasure to work with. 10/10.

Camilo Fitzgerald, Marketing/Analytics @ Futureplay
Build away!

Game: Build Away!
City building clicker game by Futureplay.

Campaign objectives: Grow the audience of Build
Away and climb in store rankings with YouTube gameplay videos.
Reach target goals with a reasonable UA cost.

Matchmaking: Our algorithm found 40+ matching
YouTubers for Build Away, from which the best ones were picked to stay
within the budget. The matchmaking was based on similar games played and
the channels’ audience profile.

Results: Users brought by Matchmade campaign had
an average D1 retention of 70%, almost doubling the average of 40% from
other channels Futureplay use. The videos obtained a total of 730,000
views which generated over 42,000 installs with the click to install
ratio of 32,5%.

By matching relevant YouTubers with the game, we
were able to generate quality downloads at a price that satisfied
all parties.



Total views


Total installs


Organic uplift


Install chart