Build Away! - Influencer Marketing Case Study

Posted 2017-03-20

Matchmade is hands down the best partner we've worked with on influencer marketing. They've delivered 10x the installs of all the other partners we've worked with put together, consistently deliver ROI positive campaigns, and are a pleasure to work with. 10/10.

Camilo Fitzgerald, Marketing/Analytics @ Futureplay
Build away!

Game: Build Away! - City building clicker game by Futureplay.

Campaign objectives: Grow the audience of Build Away and climb in store rankings with YouTube gameplay videos. Reach target goals with a reasonable UA cost.

Matchmaking: Our algorithm found 40+ matching YouTubers for Build Away, from which the best ones were picked to stay within the budget. The matchmaking was based on similar games played and the channels’ audience profile.

Results: Users brought by Matchmade campaign had an average D1 retention of 70%, almost doubling the average of 40% from other channels Futureplay use. The videos obtained a total of 730,000 views which generated over 42,000 installs with the click to install ratio of 32,5%.

By matching relevant YouTubers with the game, we were able to generate quality downloads at a price that satisfied all parties.



Total views


Total installs


Organic uplift


Install chart
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