We help game studios build Web3 communities

Every Web3 game needs to build an engaged community to succeed. YouTube creators are the perfect medium for informing, reaching and converting gamers into highly engaged Web3 community members on Twitter or Discord.


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Use creators to bring gamers into your web3 community

Performance marketing rarely works for community building and web3 games typically feel too complex and risky for the average gamer so regular online ads won’t be enough to educate or convert them.

YouTube creators already have their own highly engaged gamer communities. These creators can make effective content that informs, convinces, and converts the broader gamer audience. This way you can reach a critical mass of gaming enthusiasts needed for an engaged community.

We scan over 9.2 million YouTube channels and find the right creators that can quickly scale your community to a meaningful scale.

Here is how we do it

Intelligent automation 🤖

Run community building campaigns on a mass scale without wasting time and resources on manual tasks.

Our tech-enabled solution drastically reduces manual work needed from you. Our platform identifies, reaches out, negotiates, reviews, and pays creators with minimal time and effort.

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Work with creators of all sizes ⚖️

Work with prominent and emerging gaming creators that can efficiently convert gamers into active community members instead of passive followers.

Don’t worry about hand-picking talent, let performance-backed data do it for you. Our constantly growing network of talent has over 13,000 creators, making us one of the largest in the world.

Unlock a new community building channel 🔓

Gaming creators are experts at making informative content for their highly-engaged viewers.  They offer the perfect solution for bringing enthusiastic gamers into the Web3 world.

Matchmade finds the right creators for you so you can reach gamers at scale and transform them into community members eager to learn more about your game.

How it works

We use a simple three-step process to help you reach scalable results:


Step 1: Test – We test the ground with a wide pool of creators through broad targeting. 

Step 2: Identify & scale– After identifying the targeting that has the most potential for growing your community, we scale it at a higher volume  

Step 3: Repeat – We use continuous testing of audiences, creative parameters and more to improve performance further while scaling what works best. 

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