User Acquisition at Scale with YouTubers

Creator marketing is the fastest-growing marketing medium in the world, yet most brands use manual creator management workflows they can’t scale. We help advertisers and creators work together in a better way so advertisers can focus on results and creators on content their audiences love.


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Why Doesn’t Traditional Influencer Marketing Work for User Acquisition?

A successful user acquisition channel has two characteristics: results and scale. Traditional influencer marketing can have great ROAS, but it doesn’t scale because it is enormously inefficient.

Time spent on a single creator from discovery and outreach all the way to payment is several hours over multiple weeks and requires a lot of one-to-one communication.

This causes your team to waste time on manual tasks instead of focusing on more value-adding activities like strategies and testing. This is why a better way is needed.


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influencer manager doing many things at once

Modern Creator Marketing With Matchmade is Different

We help you achieve both results AND scale. Matchmade automates every step of creator marketing so your team can focus on improving results instead of manual tasks.

With us, you can hire hundreds of creators within hours. All you need to do is share your target audience and budget, we’ll handle the rest.

Transform your influencer marketing from manual one-off collaborations into a scalable and automated user acquisition and brand growth channel with us!


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Working with Matchmade has enabled us to discover a new, cost-effective user acquisition channel that scales with minimal manual work required from our team. This would not have been possible without their platform.

Patrick User Growth Lead, Yahaha Studios

For advertisers

Transform your influencer marketing from manual one-off collaborations to a scalable and automated user acquisition and brand growth channel.


For advertisers

For content creators

Get paid doing what you love. On Matchmade, you’ll be offered the best sponsorships for you based on your audience. Easy start with a single contract without exclusivities.


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For talent managers

Deliver sponsorships that will grow your talents’ channels. Sign up to our platform and we’ll come to you with the best deals for your talents based on their audience.


For talent managers

Cut Through the Noise With Creator Content

Creators are the best way to reach and engage with today’s tech-savvy consumers. 

Due to tightening privacy requirements and tracking restrictions, ad creative is already the most important optimization lever in online advertising. Integrating promotions into creator content, produced by the creators themselves, stands out in a way no other kind of ad can.


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Automated Creator Marketing That Enables Performance

We are not really an influencer agency. We offer managed service using the Matchmade technology platform, powered by data from over 9.2M YouTube channels. Our scalable and repeatable model allows thousands of creators to be hired for campaigns in just a few clicks.

Matchmade lets you do things with creator marketing that have been very slow or too resource-intensive in the past like testing and new market expansion, leading to higher ROAS and brand awareness.


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Increased Efficiency With Modern Creator Marketing

Matchmade’s data, tools and automation allow industry professionals to focus on the essentials such as strategy and improving results.

We automate the tedious business of contracts, finding the right content creators, payment handling and more so advertisers can focus on results and creators on creating the content their audience loves.


Solutions for advertisers

Solutions for creators

Vasco Bernardo - Opera GX

Matchmade allows us to save more than 90% of the time that would otherwise be spent on tedious, manual creator management tasks, leaving us more time and resources for value-adding activities like strategy.

Vasco Bernardo Senior Influencer Marketing Specialist, Opera GX

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