Intelligent Influencer Marketing

Grow your game through targeted, ROI-positive influencer marketing campaigns. We analyse over 3.1M YouTube channels, 287M videos, and over 19 000 games to match your game with the best influencers.

Why Matchmade?


Powered by automated content and audience analysis ensures you reach relevant audiences. We offer optional geographic and demographic filtering for sophisticated targeting.

ROI positive

The time for performance-based influencer campaigns is here! Set up your tiered CPI goals, and our audience analysis ensures you reach them.


Our intelligent algorithm matches your game with the best and most relevant influencers. Use our powerful tools to streamline influencer marketing campaigns - find, manage, and measure in one place.

Easy Campaigns

It’s as easy as this:

  1. Select your game and relevant titles
  2. Set up your CPI tiers and campaign description
  3. Select influencers from the list of matches

Stay Within Your Budget

We provide performance and cost estimates for each influencer, and you decide whom to invite to your campaign.


The realtime campaign dashboard shows exactly how your campaign is performing & how much you’re spending, and end-to-end data integration ensures fair play.

Simplified Logistics

Payments and tax reporting take a considerable amount of time, so we handle it for you. You get invoiced once a month, and we make sure the influencers get paid on time.

What to expect


clicks-to-installs conversion


views-to-installs conversion


organic boost in addition to attributed installs

Customers and partners

“KPI's for users we got from Matchmade were double or triple of what we've seen with organic traffic. Results were so great we had to check our analytics setup for bugs.”
— Mathieu Zylberait, Charged Monkey
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“The campaign overperformed all expectations in CTR, CVR, and general download velocity. Installs were equal in quality to organic installs.”
— Kyle Keller, Tilting Point
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“Our Matchmade campaign had the highest conversion and retention numbers we’ve ever seen, which is especially impressive considering it only took two minutes to set up.”
— Camilo Fitzgerald, Futureplay
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