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For the love of data

We analyse all influencer-made content so you don’t need to

For each YouTube and Twitch channel, we analyse viewership, engagement, audience demographics and more. This way, we match products with the best and most relevant influencers. 

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Reach your ideal audiences through relevant influencers

Our algorithm matches your product with the best and most relevant influencers, so you can reach your ideal target audience. For influencers we offer paid campaigns from games and products that their audience will love.

Trust the data, not just promises.

Be efficient

We're all about scale: find, manage and measure multiple influencers in one go.


Easily communicate with multiple influencers in one place.

Negotiate with ease

We recommend prices based on channel data but we always leave it up to you.

Stay on track

View real-time campaign performance on our dashboard. We support all major tracking companies.

Logistic bliss

No monthly fees and we handle all influencer payments for you.

Full service

We also offer fully managed custom solutions if platforms aren’t your thing.

Grow your business making content your audience will love

Matchmade is the easiest way to find paid influencer campaigns. Our algorithm recommends games and companies that suit your channel and audience.

Grow your channel

We want to make it easier for you to grow your business. No long contracts or exclusivity clauses.

Easy campaigns

One place to easily manage sponsored content. From deal negotiation to video delivery and payments.


Looking for new games and cool products? We got you.

Influencer marketing campaigns

Predict your earnings

We track all campaign performance, so you can estimate how much you'll earn. Matchmade is free to use for influencers.

Communicate efficiently

Chat with many advertisers in one place at the same time. (Yes, less emails!)

Matchmade for managers

You can also let your manager use Matchmade for you.

Case studies

blastlands case study


The warped minds at Strange Quest have recently launched the strategic multiplayer game, Blastlands, in open beta on Android. After…

726.54K Total views
69K Total clicks
9.5% CTR
12.28% Engagement rate
(average engagement rate is between 5-10% for videos in LATAM)
CATS Zeptolab case study

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

Zeptolab uses influencer marketing as a key part of its long-term marketing strategy to ensure CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars…

20.88K Attributed Installs
56.19K Clicks
37% Conversion rate
CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars
siege titan wars logo

Siege: Titan Wars

Do influencer marketing campaigns and mobile games in soft launch mix? See how Tilting point did it with Matchmade.  

30.5% Click to install ratio
245% Organic uplift
1224 → 192 Rise in app store ranking
0 Complaints about game not being available
Siege: Titan Wars
craft away

Craft Away!

Over 200k installs to Futureplay’s games (and counting). Craft Away became a top 10 trending game in several countries. A…

+5490% Organic install rate
200K+ Installs
7 Countries Top trending game
Craft Away!
what the hen

What the hen!

How to triple your KPIs by working with influencers

+92% ARPU
+231% Free to paying conversion
+100% D1 Retention
+182% D7 Retention
What the hen!

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