Dear valued partners and customers,

After nearly seven years and over $12M in sponsorships paid to the 17k creators we work with, we regret to inform you that Matchmade is closing its doors. We were heavily affected by the industrywide slowdown that started in the early spring of this year, and despite cutting costs and furloughing half of the team, we couldn’t make the numbers work anymore. As of Thursday 21st of September, the company has been entered into bankruptcy proceedings under Finnish law and is under administration, and we will be winding down all operations by October 6th 2023.

We are eternally thankful to all the creators, sponsors, ex-colleagues, investors and other partners who supported and trusted us over the years, and sad and sorry that this is how the story ends.

With all of our gratitude and love,
The Matchmade Team

For any and all questions related to open sponsorships, campaigns, invoices or payments, please contact [email protected] to make sure receivable is included in the liabilities inventory. Click here for more instructions