Top 9 Gaming YouTubers Right Now

Posted 2018-05-09

Top 9 Gaming YouTubers Right Now

Psst, It’s all Fortnite.

We did a data dive to look into the fastest growing YouTube channels across large, medium and small channels – and surprise, surprise Fortnite continues to rule. During the past three months, there were 78000 videos published about the game, with over 11.9 billion views (Fortnite & Fortnite Battle Royale combined. Data based on estimates on the Matchmade platform). And below you can see who are the stars of Fortnite on YouTube… Enjoy!

NOTE: We’ve split the YouTubers into categories: large, medium and small, based on their number of subscribers in the beginning of February. We’ve selected the Top 3 from each category based on number of subs by the end of April. The data is brought to you by Matchmade – every few minutes, we analyze all gaming-related channels and videos on YouTube. That’s over 2.4M channels and over 250M videos, and over 20 000 games.

Large Channels: 1M+ subs in Feb

To no one’s surprise, out of large YouTube channels, Ninja has grown the most. In the past two months, his subscriber base has grown with a whopping 208%, which means 6.3M more people subscribed to Ninja in the past 3 months. That’s roughly 100K new subscribers PER DAY. Looking at the typical growth of channels, the large ones grow at at a more moderate pace, but in Ninja’s case, he continues to grow quickly. It helps to work with “small” celebrities like Drake and KimdotcomThe below data is based on publicly available subscriber numbers on YouTube.


  1. NINJA
    • Subs: 10M (Feb’18: 3.1M)
    • Growth: 208%  
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: English


  1. BCC Trolling
    • Subs: 5.5M (Feb’18: 4.1M)
    • Growth: 34%
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: English
  2. Muselk
    • Subs: 4.9M (Feb’18: 3.8M)
    • Growth 29%
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: English


Medium Channels: 100K – 1M subs in Feb

Epic’s official Fortnite channel has made it to the list, with a growth of almost 1M new subs in 3 months. We expect to see the channel grow as the devs continue to post more videos on their channel. TSM’s Myth is the only esports star in today’s listing and his channel’s subscriber base is rapidly growing, up 213% in 2 months. We wouldn’t be surprised to see more esports players’ channels grow, as the game’s esports scene takes flight. The below data is based on publicly available subscriber numbers on YouTube.

  1. Myth:
    • Subs: 2.1M (Feb’18: 690K)
    • Growth: 213% (1.4M new subs)
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: English
  2. Cizzorz
    • Subs: 1.8M
    • Growth: 96%
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: English
  3. Fortnite
    • Subs: 1.5M (Feb’18: 540K)
    • Growth: 165%
    • Game: Fortnite.
    • Language: English

Small channels: 5-100K subs in Feb

The small channels have grown most aggressively out of all the categories. All below channels have grown with over 1000% in two months, and need to hop over to medium channels. The one to keep an eye out for is Fortnite Funny – their subscriber base has grown with a whopping 2625%, and we expect them to continue to grow. The channel posts funny clips (and gossip) from Fortnite gameplay mainly featuring Ninja and Myth, but also others like CDNTHE3RD and Dakotaz. Noteworthy, out of the small channels that have grown the most, two of the channels are German-speaking. The below data is based on publicly available subscriber numbers on YouTube.

  1. Fortnite Funny
    • Subs: 640K (Feb’18: 23K)
    • Growth: 2625%
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: English
  2. RuiN Reserve
    • Subs: 290K (Feb’18: 24K)
    • Growth: 1103%
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: German
  3. Krench Royale
    • Subs: 220K (Feb’18: 12K)
    • Growth: 1466%
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: German



  1. Fortnite is massive, and continues to grow. YouTubers jumping into the game now will have a harder time competing against large Fortnite channels, so it’s important to find your own niche and new angle.
  2. Great opportunities lie in non-english-speaking channels – two out of the most growing smaller channels are German.
  3. All the heavily growing gaming YouTube channels play Fortnite. Fortnite. Fortnite… Did we say Fortnite?
  4. Ninja reached 10M subscribers on May 4th, and is now part of the exclusive club of 65 gaming channels with 10M+ subs. Congratulations!

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