Gamer gains: Creator Vivi on levelling the playing field

Growing up with little money, creator Vivi didn’t own a gaming console until her early 20s. She started streaming just three years ago, and her channel has since exploded, garnering hundreds of thousands of views. She sat down and spoke to us about her journey, and the challenges she faces in the male-dominated gamer community.

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How long have you been a creator for and how did you start out? 

Three years ago was when I posted my first video on YouTube. I started out by posting a scuffed screen recording straight off my iPhone with no mic and no facecam. I did it just to share my gaming adventures for fun.

What got you into games? 

I grew up in poverty, so I didn’t own any gaming consoles until I was in my early 20s. I was always jealous of my classmates who had gaming consoles. When I got my hands on my first game, I made sure to make the most out of it. The first game I played was Super Mario World and it was on the airplane’s TV.

Has your taste in games changed over time? What are your favourite games and why? 

Yes! I used to be a MMORPG* girl and would never consider any phone games. Times have changed now that mobile games are dominating the gaming world. Now I have a phone game to thank for gaining me so many YouTube subs! However, my favorite game of all time would still be the classic MMORPG World of Warcraft. I played it for many years and it has made me many life-long friends.

*(Massively multiplayer online role-playing game)

How has your channel developed over the years? 

I have added more games that I think my viewers would be interested in, and that has gained me whole new audiences. Don’t be afraid to branch out!

What kind of videos do you enjoy making the most?

 I love reacting to viewer’s gaming accounts because it gives me a chance to interact with my viewers. I wish to do more content where my viewers are involved. They got me to where I am today, so they deserve the spotlight.

If you could give any advice to yourself when you were just starting out, what would it be?

Block all the haters. They’re not worth the stress and headache. I used to not block haters and that was so dumb of me to allow hate comments from the same toxic people to continue for so many years.

Do you have any tips for those also wanting to become a gaming-focused creator? 

Do something unique that no one else is doing. Don’t give up. Consistency is key. And most importantly, don’t quit your school or day job until your content makes you more money than your real-life job.

Did you find that a particular strategy worked when it came to growing your channel? 

The more I invest back into my videos, the more views I get. My viewers love it when I “whale” (spend massive amounts of money) on the game.

Do you think there is a big gender imbalance in gaming? How does it affect you as a gamer?

Definitely! With the gaming world being male-dominated, people are always going to have a higher standard for women compared to their male counterparts. When a woman is pro at a video game, people always question their success. Were they carried? Who boosted them? A few of my viewers tried to downplay my success by accusing me of having game developers boost me.

Do you find that you have to deal with certain things male gamers don’t? 

Just getting harassed a lot. People accused me of pretending to be single and showing cleavage for donations. They accused me of cheating on my fiance with another male streamer. They accuse me of gold-digging men to get money for the game. They even accused me of engaging in sexual acts with Twitch staff to get my Twitch partnership. The list goes on.

Have you ever had to deal with trolls? 

All the time! I believe I handle trolls very well. When someone sends me a death threat, I personally invite them to come to California to do it. I’ll even pay for half their plane ticket as long as they Paypal me the other half first. No one has ever accepted my generous offer. They troll me, I troll right back.

When it comes to brand deals, do you have any rules about what you will or won’t go for? 

I only go for products I believe in. For example, I had a decent offer to do a perfume deal. I don’t ever wear perfume, so I had to respectfully decline.

How did you come across Matchmade and how was your experience so far?

I came across Matchmade through a Reddit recommendation by other partnered YouTubers. So far my experience has been Gucci. Thanks for the opportunities!

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