Lingokids understood the importance of authenticity and gave the influencers a huge level of creative freedom with their Mexico facing campaign. They trusted that the influencer knows their audience best.

10% Engagement rate
21% Conversion rate
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Campaign Objectives

Grow the number of Lingokids’ users.

Create brand awareness in the Mexican market.

Optimise CPI by working with the right influencers.

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We released 4 videos with Matchmade within the last 2 months. We are provided with meaningful data and qualitative insights through the platform thanks to the expertise of their team, and we are curious to see what will be the next features to go live on it.

Lucia Mrvova Head of User Acquisition

Influencer collaboration

Lingokids were able to reach their ideal audience through Mexican mom channels. 

The key to success was the direct communication with the influencers through Matchmade’s chat functionality.

The influencers were given creative freedom to show how to use the app, which helped the audience to understand the teaching method of Lingokids.


The audience reacted incredibly positively to the content, videos reached 20K likes in total against 305 dislikes.

The creative freedom given to the influencers enabled them to produce more impactful content.

The tracked downloads were 16% higher than the expected ones.

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