CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

Zeptolab uses creator marketing as a key part of its long-term marketing strategy to ensure CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars maintains its popularity. The year-long cooperation has brought over 12 Million views for the game.

20.88K Attributed Installs
56.19K Clicks
37% Conversion rate

We’ve been working with Matchmade for over a year and released over 30 videos promoting C.A.T.S.: Crash Arena Turbo Stars through the platform. It's a pleasure working with them, as they listen to our needs and are always open to suggestions. You can find a wide variety of content creators on Matchmade, ranging from very small to very big channels, and the manager is always there to help if we need something. We plan to continue our productive cooperation in the future.

Olga Antsiferova Senior PR & Marketing Manager

Campaign objectives

Grow and retain the game’s audience with a long-term global influencer marketing campaign.

Adopt influencer marketing as a key part of the long-term marketing mix of CATS.

Content creator collaboration

Participating content creators were given full creative freedom. They weren’t asked to read a script or to publish at a certain hour.

Trusting that content creators know their fans best guaranteed that the videos would resonate with the viewers. Zeptolab provided relevant in-game events and access to a content library to ensure content creators could create great, engaging content for their fans.

Matchmade’s forecasts, pricing suggestions, negotiation tools and the ability to communicate directly with the content creators ensured frictionless cooperation and allowed a large variety of highly engaging videos to be published by influencers from all over the world.

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