A little over a decade after its iconic game FarmVille first touched screens worldwide, developer Zynga wanted to bring back loyal fans for the third edition of the game while reaching new users through relevant, and engaging content.

45 Creators
$25 eCPM

Matchmade allowed us to scale our operations and work with many more relevant creators, without having to make sacrifices on resources or time in-house.

Timothée Dequidt Senior Product Marketing Manager


For FarmVille 3’s launch, Zynga wanted to execute creator marketing at scale to spread the news to as many people as possible.

As it was the launch of a new title, they needed the support and resources to execute at a mass scale while concentrating on other promotional channels. Matchmade stepped in to help them reach their goals.


Together we identified campaign parameters, pricing, and targeting so that they were in line with the campaign’s objective of reaching relevant users and driving installs. 

Matchmade then took the lead sourcing and allocating creators, as well as reviewing content, utilizing the platform’s automation to execute the campaign in full. 


With the heavy lifting taken care of, Zynga were able to have a smooth launch and relax as their campaign videos went live.  

We onboarded 45 creators from a variety of segments, who got 2.3 million views in total. The eCPM was an average of $25, which is 28% less than the average for these parameters. 

Overall, we kept resources and time required from Zynga to a minimum, allowing them to focus their efforts on other UA channels and the launch as a whole.