Matchmade Launch

Matchmade Launcher lets you cost-effectively maximize reach on YouTube for a big promotional push such as a brand campaign, event promotion, game update, product launch, and more.


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Work with a broad range of creators

To cost-effectively reach a large audience and maximize engagement, you need to work with creators of all sizes.

Don’t worry about hand-picking talent, our performance-backed data does it for you from our network of more than 15,000 creators.

Intelligent automation

Focus on your broader campaign execution while we handle the heavy lifting.

Our tech-enabled solution identifies, reaches out, negotiates, reviews, and pays creators with minimal time and effort. Run campaigns on a mass scale without wasting time and resources on manual tasks.

Matchmade allowed us to scale our operations and work with many more relevant creators, without having to make sacrifices on resources or time in-house.

Timothée Dequidt Senior Product Marketing Manager, Zynga

How it works

Step 1: Tell us which audiences matter the most to you and we find the best creators to reaching them at mass scale.

Step 2: Matchmade hires a broad range of creators from our network of more than 15,000 YouTubers.

Step 3: The hired creators effectively communicate your unique selling points to highly interested audiences at scale.


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Yahaha Studios

games Yahaha 10X creator marketing budgets to supercharge user acquisition

10X Increase in creator marketing budgets in a few months
34% Decrease in CPM while increasing reach
32% CPC improvement
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45 Creators
$25 eCPM
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35K Installs
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App Opera GX

239M+ Views
10+ Countries
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