Top 9 Gaming YouTubers Right Now

Top 9 Gaming YouTubers Right Now 2.0

Who are the biggest growers on YouTube right now? Here’s the top 9 of the past 3 months, based on our data dive into the fastest growing YouTube channels across large, medium and small channels.


Head’s up: We’ve split the YouTubers into 3 categories: large, medium and small, and based them on the number of subscribers they had in the beginning of May. We’ve then selected 3 top influencers from each category, based on the number of subscribers they had by the end of July. The channels with the most growth made it to the list. (FEEDBACK? Tweet @matchmadetv). The data is brought to you by Matchmade, the intelligent influencer marketing platform. Every few minutes, we analyze all gaming-related channels and videos on YouTube. That’s over 2.4M channels and over 250M videos, and over 20 000 games.

Large Channels: 1M+ subs in May

Surprise, surprise, another Fortnite pro has made it as one of the top fastest growing YouTubers. In the past three months, Jess No Limit’s subscriber base has grown, starting with a bit over 2.3 million in May, AND reaching 3.1 million by now. That’s an increase of almost 1 million new subscribers and 32% growth, within such a short time frame for this Indonesian-speaking channel. The below data is based on publicly available subscriber numbers on YouTube. The biggest surprise here is that Ninja is no longer in the top 3! With 29.7% growth between May – July, he’s not in the top 3 fastest growing big channels (also, he has a whopping 16M subs, how much more can he grow?!)

  1. Jess No Limit
    • Subs: 3.1M (May’18: 2.3M)
    • Growth 32%
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: Indonesian
  2. Myth
    • Subs: 3.5M (May’18: 2.5M)
    • Growth: 31.9 %
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: English
    • Subs: 3.7M (May’18: 2.7M)
    • Growth: 31.1%  
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: Spanish


Medium Channels: 500K – 1M subs in May

Congrats to Hamlinz for growing his subscriber base by 269% in 3 short months. One of his most popular videos features him trying to find a girlfriend.. while pretending to be a kid?.. on Fortnite. What a funny guy! As for Vividplays Channel, it is the only Granny enthusiast out of the 3, and his channel’s subscriber base is rapidly growing as well, up 126% in 3 months. We wouldn’t be surprised to see more and more channels featuring horror games to grow, as viewers are loving spooky stuff on YouTube. The below data is based on publicly available subscriber numbers on YouTube.

  1. Hamlinz
    • Subs: 655K (May’18: 151K)
    • Growth: 269%
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: English
  2. Vividplays Channel
    • Subs: 867K (May’18: 330K)
    • Growth: 126%
    • Game: Granny
    • Language: English
  3. Top5Gaming:
    • Subs: 1M (May’18: 438K)
    • Growth: 120%
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: English


Small Channels: 5-100K subs in May

The small channels have grown most aggressively out of all the categories. All below channels have grown with over 1000% in 3 months, and need to hop over to medium channels. The one to keep an eye out for is Little Lizard — Fortnite: their subscriber base has grown by 13902%, and we expect them to continue to grow. The channel strictly creates and posts funny, exciting, and creative Fortnite short films (like how this one is about Crimson Scout saving a girl’s life, haha). The below data is based on publicly available subscriber numbers on YouTube.

  1. Little Lizard — Fortnite
    • Subs: 967K (May’18: 5.7K)
    • Growth: 13902%%
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: English
  2. NullZerep
    • Subs: 469K (May’18: 13.7K)
    • Growth: 3059%
    • Game: Granny
    • Language: English
  3. DAN7EH
    • Subs: 321K (May’18: 8K)
    • Growth: 2575%
    • Game: Fortnite
    • Language: English



  1. Fortnite is continues to be massively popular, and we expect next months numbers to be even more dominated by Fortnite, as season 5 launched in mid-July.
  2. Granny is not just a one-month-wonder. We’ve been following the game for a few months now, and the horror games continues to be popular on YouTube. It’s also doing well in the top downloads ranks on the App Store: 125th most downloaded in overall apps, 41st in games, and 22nd in Arcade games. (App Annie). Go Granny!
  3. Comparing to the last list, the fastest growing YouTubers are now more international, with Spanish and Indonesian YouTubers making it to the list. As we pointed out in a past post, there’s still a lot of growth potential in the international non-english-language waters.