Top 7 Female Gaming YouTubers

The explosive growth of mobile gaming has largely been fuelled by females, who make up 49% of the mobile player base. This study by Google found that the majority of women in the US play games, and 65% of the women aged between 10-65 play on mobile devices.

Although the games industry is slowly becoming more diverse, females, transgender and other gender identities only account for 27.8 % of the industry. In this blogpost, we want to promote diversity by listing which female YouTubers with the fastest growing channels we should keep an eye out for.

How we dug the data:

Instead of splitting the YouTubers into 3 categories (large, medium, and small), we examined 200 channels that have the largest growth rate within the past 90 days. We then selected our top 8 female influencers, based on their number of subscribers at the beginning and end of this time frame. We then ranked the channels according to how much they’ve grown.

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All of the female influencers that made the list are small channels that started with under 500K subscribers just 90 days ago. As we’ve mentioned in the past, small channels grow the most aggressively. It is also important to note that all of channels below have grown at least 100% in the 90 days, and would now be classified as medium channels. The below data is based on publicly available subscriber numbers on YouTube.

female youtuber relative growth


  1. StardewToon
  • Subs: 160K (July 18: 28K)
  • Growth: 450%
  • Game: Identity V
  • Language: Thai


  1. Loeya
  • Subs: 112K (July 18: 21K)
  • Growth: 390%
  • Game: Fortnite
  • Language: English


  1. KoriKids
  • Subs: 123K (July 18: 23K)
  • Growth: 377%
  • Game: Roblox
  • Language: Spanish


  1. Raku / らく
  • Subs: 91K (July 18: 21K)
  • Growth: 307%
  • Game: PUBG
  • Language: Japanese


  • Subs: 61K (July 18: 14K)
  • Growth: 299%
  • Game: Garena Free Fire
  • Language: Indonesian


  1. PalperGame
  • Subs: 55K (July 18: 12K)
  • Growth: 294%
  • Game: Roblox
  • Language: Spanish


  1. Pretzel Etzel
  • Subs: 240K (July 18: 60K)
  • Growth: 278%
  • Game: Roblox
  • Language: English



  • Comparing to the list in our previous post, more than half of the fastest growing female YouTubers listed here have non-English-speaking channels.
  • Our previous posts have featured exclusively Fortnite influencers, but the popularity of Roblox seems to be soaring among these female YouTubers.. especially the ones in the Spanish gaming community.
  • As we’ve mentioned earlier, the listed channels (coincidentally) are all small (5 – 100K subscribers). We’re excited to keep seeing the growth potential in the number of female gaming channels available. We recommend you to subscribe and help the channels grow.

Female youtubers absolute growth